in hard words

My previous blog ( is dead and gone.

I’ve decided to close it.

It achieved what it was meant to achieve: great SEO and all.

But one thing wasn’t right.

It lacked focus.

Of course, it was all about copywriting and content writing and me as a freelance copywriter.

But still, the subject matter wasn’t focused.

The blog lacked integrity, lacked purpose, and lacked direction.

And because of that, it wasn’t easy to determine what it was trying to achieve.

In other words, it wasn’t easy to tell what its future would be like.

I’m writing this because I believe in the power of blogging.

And if you are reading this and that you are a business owner, but somehow you don’t have blogging in your marketing strategy/plans, then it is the time you should start to think about it.

Because, if you define your plan/strategy properly, for sure you will love the power of blogging.

Anyway, what’s the difference between this blog and the one I had before (

Well, this blog thinks bigger.

This blog stands for quality.

It is at the core of my personal beliefs.

And so, this blog shares what I stand for: PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Writing copies and content for cars isn’t what I love most.

Writing copies and content for banks doesn’t add anything to me.

I don’t want to write copies for beers; for cancer or heart disease charities.

I don’t want to.

There’s nothing great in any of them.

If I was in my twenties I’d say, that to write those copies and content is lame.

But because I’m well over twenties, I’ve got to be a bit wiser, show some astuteness.

This encourages me to say, to write such copies and content is for the blind.

Yes, for those who care for the advertising awards and not for what is right..

For those who think quantity and not quality.

Because to them, tomorrow is just another day, for another brief and for another client.

But when you aren’t that blind, when money is not the big deal in the equation, when ‘FOLLOW YOUR BLISS’ is more powerful than ‘CONFORMITY’, then you THINK DIFFERENT.

This doesn’t mean walking on the path, even of the few, but making a new path.

So this blog is BOLDER.

This blog cares for what adds to life, not in the ways of charity but in the ways of GROWTH.

This blog is one with me, and that means, as I said, one with my beliefs, my passion, and my career direction.

So if personal development isn’t for you, then this isn’t the blog for you either.

But if you care for your growth, the growth of your staff, of your business associates, of your clients, and you want some help with content or copy writing, then I’m here.

Most of the time I will be sharing what I think + what I know + what I learn, in hard words.

Because hard words, to me, must be based on truth.

And truth is awesome.

Please, welcome to