7 great personal development lessons that only the top achievers take them serious

Back in March 2013, I was introduced to the world of network marketing.

In one of trainings, I was told that whenever I met anyone who doubted or discouraged my efforts, I should say to them:

‘I’m going to the top, with or without you.’

So the next day I met my neighbour and I said to him, Brother, I’m going to the top, with or without you.’

Then a day after I met my sanctimonious relative and I said to her, ‘Darling, I’ve some great news! I’m going to the top, with or without you’.

I swear to my dictionary I said that line to them.

I really did.

And when I said that they… well, I didn’t.

The truth is, even though that’s what my ego encouraged me to say unto them, I just couldn’t make myself even open my mouth.

Anyway, no matter what people think of or say about us, it doesn’t matter.

You see, going to the top, joining the top achievers isn’t a journey for the feeble minded, the followers, the perfectionists, or even for those who expect to have some kind of social support behind their backs.

The journey is for those who dare not to look at the direction of their neighbours or relatives, but the direction of the best of them – the most successful.

This is what boldness is all about.

It’s ignoring the reality you see around your neighbourhood because you are aiming for a better neighbourhood, the one in your mind.

And that is what thinking big look like.

I think big.

Perhaps, not as big as Richard Branson is thinking right now, but way bigger than most in my neighbourhood.

I’m a dreamer and a believer, too.

So no matter what, I’m going to the top.

And as I’m heading there, I want to share all I know with the rest of the world.

Because what’s the point of having knowledge that you keep just for yourself?

I’m also heading to the top because the air there, is fresher, cooler, and….

…and as Donald Trump wrote in one of his books that, up there,

‘it can be lonely… but is not crowded’.

That alone keeps me on the journey.

That line alone, supercharges my drive.

I’m not there as yet, but I’m on the right path.

Very soon, maybe even within the next few weeks, I will be amongst them.

So here is what I’ve found.

Those at the top, practice these personal development habits more than those at the bottom.

They take them serious, and I guess that’s one of the reasons they are still where they are – at the top.


know more

Top achievers make time to learn something new.

They like to stay ahead.

And that keeps them off their comfort zones.

The feeling of which is vital to withstand challenges on the way to bigger successes.

They also read more books, listen to more audio, and watch less TV.

They know that the recipe for success is not found in one source.

Knowing more leads to being more creative, competent and the gives one the ability to think bigger.


do more

The harder they work the luckier they get (it seems).

Maybe you know that famous line.

Well, it is true to the top achievers.

They also do more than paid for.

They work long hours, and almost seven days a week.

They know that doing more leads to doing better job because one law says: production to perfection – and not the other way round.

And they do more because they love what they do.

In short, they have followed their bliss (blisses?).


flock well

They don’t go with the flow.

They make the flow; the flow of their choice.

They don’t hang out with anybody, they must approve you before they hang out with you.

Yes, birds of a feather do flock together.

This helps them set better goals, challenge their dreams, and reset their glorious ambitions.

But do you know why they don’t like hanging out with the low achievers?

Well, the next point has the answer.


look at the solution

While the low achievers talk about the problem, the high achievers talk about the solution.

That’s where their thoughts and energy go.

I learned this the hard way.

I had these great friends but before I knew it they were gone.

But when I asked why – from my average achieving friends – well, no one had a satisfying answer.

So I decided to go read about it.

And the answer is in the solution, and not the problem.

The answer is in positive, can do attitude; and not, negative, timid attitude that this problem is going to eat me alive.

But then there’s something else as they look at the solution.

see yourself as victorious

Yes, they look for solution.

And no matter what it looks or feels like on the way to make it, they know they will make it.

Most of the average achievers have this belief rooted in their faces that, to see yourself as victorious before it’s all over is being a bit shouty.

But since I’ve travelled both sides of this road, I’d like to say that seeing yourself as victorious gives you a buzz that  is more powerful than a tornado.

It carries you through it all.

No challenge is bigger.

And no doubt is stronger.

Top achievers feel victorious most of the time.

Look at their children, it’s like they own the world.

I like to see myself victorious.

Because it helps me be one.



Have you noticed that there are people with the top class talents but have achieved nothing of significance?

Well, John Maxwell did write,

‘Talent is not enough.’

And Napoleon wrote in the Law of Success that one needs the magic key to achieve more.

So, what is the key?


I once asked a gentleman who became a global leader of his institution, ‘Just over ten years ago you had little success, and now you are the global president of this institution, how did you do it?’

And he gave me a one word answer.


Yes, talent is not enough.

But talent mixed with concentration, with focus then there’s a magic momentum.

And it seems like it doesn’t matter what industry you are in because, as long as you have enough momentum, then your rewards is on its way.

Well, even the law of averages won’t leave you without a surprise – just as it does for the top achievers.

But then there’s one more thing: it doesn’t matter how much momentum you have created, (or done well with any of the above points), because if you ignore the next point then you’ve lost it.


never give up

Churchill did say,

‘Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm’.

Success never gives up.

Top achievers never give in for the economic downturn.

Or the competition.

Because when going gets tough, they get tougher.

Giving up isn’t one of the options.

And here are the reasons.

First, they believe in themselves.

So they see themselves victorious.

Second, they are self-reliant.

Emerson said:

‘I shun father and mother and wife and brother, when my genius calls me.’

And third, it’s a do or die situation.

They must win, succeed, achieve that goal, write that book; or else…

Of course, they can change their minds… but they can never, ever, give up.


What do you think?

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