life is a beautiful ride

life got to feel good

Isn’t life about riding downhill?

Isn’t life meant to be abundant?

Aren’t we supposed to live without the fear of tomorrow, fear of illness, of old age, of death?

Aren’t we supposed to be the masters of our destinies, the captains of our boats?

Aren’t there great and amazing laws of the universe that are supposed to be the basis of our understanding?

Don’t we have inner indicators (feelings) that tell us if we are on the right track or not?

Isn’t life supposed to be all about happiness, joy, whatever is true, honest, pure, lovely, of good report, of virtue, anything praiseworthy?

Who said we have to paddle upstream instead of going with the flow?

Can we ever turn off our minds just because we are tired or for some reasons we can’t think clearly?

Aren’t we supposed to direct our minds, our feelings to that which feels good?

life is a good notebook

Well, as a writer, I buy notebooks quite often.

So one day, I went to this stationery superstore to get myself some cool notebooks.

However, I somehow didn’t like what they had on their shelves..

So I decided to go to a different store, a clothing store but that has a small section displaying the best notebooks in town.

15 minutes after I was there, I was still holding a number of notebooks – unsure which one to pick.

They all had different covers, different art and different texture.

So in the end, I chose two – one with a bicycle from cover to cover.

This notebook impressed me with the words: ‘Life is a beautiful ride’ – and as I thought about my life, it has been so.

Nothing is in my life that was put there by another – all is there by myself.

The other notebook had old maps on its covers, plus the 19th century feel.

It’s like the pages went through a short production cycle – from tree to paper.

I love both notebooks so much that at times I don’t want to write in them anything but the best thoughts.

Anyway, what I’m saying here is that life is full of little beautiful things that once we start noticing them, they keep showing up in our lives.

life is the laws fulfilled

So, I grow up in a highly religious family.

All I got told is about the fact that my denomination is the only right one in the whole world.

And that everyone else, will go to hellfire – unless of course we tell them about our religion.

Then I learned a lot of other crap about religion.

And I seemed to pay a good attention to what I learned.

Until I started to ask questions that no one seemed to want to answer, apart from calling me a sinner in the likes of Judas and Cain.

So one winter, I decided to walk away.

I decided to have that free will to do what I want, when I want to…

The freedom that I’ve always had, but thought it belonged to the church.

Then I was introduced, through much reading, to the Law of Compensation by Emerson.

Then to the Law of Gratitude, the Law of Attraction, and the Law of Gravity (well, I knew that already…)

At first, I though these laws were just like a plugin to a wordpress site or like a stereo to a car – not so essential but only could add a pleasant atmosphere into mylife.

But the more I studied them, I realised that they are more than a plugin and a stereo – but that they are the cores of everything in this life.

Well, life can feel like a big mystery without an understanding of these laws.

But once one understands what these laws are, life seem to get a whole new clarity.

And with these laws, everything makes sense – why that guy is rich, why this lady is so successful, why that youngman is so creative, why that father is so inspiring, why that mother seem to have a magic touch – yes, everything makes sense.

If you ever want to add life to your life, better make time and study these laws.

Who knows where they will take your dream?

life feels awesome

Life is supposed to feel good, and to be full of ‘happazingly’ moments.

Did you know that how we feel is an indicator of our relationship with who we are?

Did you know that if you feel good is an indication that you are on your way to creating the life of your dreams?

And that if you feel bad you are on the wrong track?

Yes, complains, hatred, discord, jealousy, rage, selfish ambition, envy, competitive spirit lead to the wrong track.

But the feelings of  love, joy, peace, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,gentleness, expectation, hoping and self-control lead to the life we desire.

There are so many little things that happen every day that can make our experiences happier…

Don’t close your eyes, see them everywhere.

If you don’t see these precious little things, then make them.

Watch some comedy.

Listen to your favourite music.

Call your family member.

Write an email to that old friend.

Be happy.

Be yourself.

life is poetry full of rhymes

Here is a rhyme I wrote a while ago…

Writing and me,

So let me tell you a bit about me

I’ma keep it energetic, as that’s all I can be

It’s like a rapper with an M.I.C

But here, the lyrics is about me

So let me roll

Let me give ya a fresh thought

As I write, I learn, I grow

I make money, the fame, man, I’m in the flow

It’s how my life blow-s-o I’ma keep it tight

I’ma wRiter wiTh aTTitude

A writer of the high altitude

Coz I know liFe’s a bEautiful riDe

That you only go where you want to go

So for now, let me side with writing

Word after word, look… I’m soaring

Let me fly, let me do what I love

Coz you know what they said?

‘jOsh, ain’t cut for this’

Well, it’s all in the wires now, can you hear the bass?

Yeah, if we think big we get big

If we think bigger we get bigger

Don’t follow the followers

Or, how’ll you stay true?If it isn’t there then bring it to life

Be yourself, don’t ever be another’s half

It’s your life, you deserve to laugh

And no one can tell you it’s enough

But you alone

Think big and live your big dream.