setting a passive income goal

<<there is nothing delicious in life like working once and getting paid forever>>

I mean, people like musicians, artists, authors, songwriters, create what they create only once and then get paid what is known as residual income, for many years ahead.

That’s the kind of income I’m aiming for here.

But why?

Well, life is a beautiful ride.

And I don’t think I must work just for the pay.

I don’t have to keep chasing it – day after day, or even hour after another.

The pay can as follow me.

The pay can flow to my pockets even when I’m asleep.

Why not?

It’s a real life to so many other smart individuals, why not me?

I have the brain (brains?) – just like them.

I can think – maybe even more than some of them.

And certainly, I’m very good at coming up with great ideas… so what’s the hustle?

Why must I get paid by a corporate company that is more worried about the Arab shareholders than me – their employee?

Why should I trade my hours for the pay that can only increase when they want it to increase?

And most importantly, why should I have the luxury of a regular income, the set and secure income… while I can have the unpredictability of an entrepreneurial income just like others?


I don’t want it!

What I want is that edgy feeling of not knowing how much I will add up next month?

The exciting thoughts on how many orders I will receive in the next seven days, how many books I will sign, how much cash would’ve been added to my bank account by the time I wake up in the morning?

That is the feeling I want to experience.

And that is how most of the successful entrepreneurs live their lives.

So I’d want to join them.

It’s finally my time.

Not next year, but this very year.

Of course, I’m not writing this to show-off the magnificent goal I’m setting, but I’m writing this because I also want some help from those who have lived the good life of passive income.

You know, there’s nothing crazy to think about than the fact that two people who are equally intelligent, one makes streams of passive incomes, and the other one is a rat-race slave.

I don’t want any rat race… or even owl race.

I want to create and contribute to prosperity alongside my personality.

I want to add value to the rest of the world alongside my beliefs.

And if I can do that with multiple, perfect, passive income streams, then I’m on my way to truly live the life of my imagination.

So, can I do it?

Of course, I can!

As I said, I have the ambition and enough desire to bring the streams of passive income into my backyard.

I have the necessary skills and experience to live that life.

But if they aren’t enough, I more than happy to learn some more.

Yes, some more skills, some fresher experiences, that will take me across the bridge.

So, here is my goal.

I feel happy and excited to create three streams of passive income by this year’s Christmas Eve (2014).


That’s the big goal singing inside me right now.

I would like to make this as enjoyable as possible – because I understand that in the process, I will form some new better habits that will save me well.

And if you are reading this and you have somehow you are enjoying this great magic of life, then please, make time to share with me some tips and knowledge so that I can proudly join you.

In fact, thank you in advance.

And just to let you know, I have one passive income stream which is likely since I’m a writer.

Well, if you are thinking of books, then you’ve got it.

I want to write books.

And I want to write about three eBooks by this year’s Christmas.

The thing is, this goal of mine can possibly be achieved way before December.

You know what they say; ‘where there’s a will, there is a way’.

It’s also part of my goal that I must make fewer interactions with ‘jobbers’ and increase the number of ‘passive income earners’.

I guess this will add to my momentum as I aim for more and better.

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