is network marketing one of the passive income streams

I’m an inactive member of a very successful network marketing firm here in the UK.

The day I was introduced to what they call ‘an opportunity of a lifetime’, I was somewhat excited about it all.

And then, after a few clicks over the internet, the whole vibe turned to a steam train up the hill.

But there are very successful people in this business.

And even though I’m not so into their style of training, but recently, I started to think about it again.

But since I’m still a member, I’m thinking, can I count it as one of the passive income streams?

The thing is, I’ve a big goal of developing up to three passive income streams by 25th December,this year.

And I want to create fun, joyous and creative streams that will add to my happiness rather than dry what I have.

So if Utility Warehouse as a MLM business – a network marketing ‘opportunity’, is a great form of passive income I want to do something about it.

Because if it is, I can finally do a bit more about it, I mean, I can be proactive – collect some more customers, and see that commission increase over time.

In their book Why We Want You To Be Rich, Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump recommend network marketing.

But if you read careful, and know a bit more about these two rich gentlemen, you’d realise that it’s actually Robert who is in love with the this mode of business.

As a very successful author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, (and several other books) Robert is just so passionate about network marketing.

And here are a few reasons to that.

One, in his videos on YouTube, he argues that network marketing can teach people on how to think like business owners.

Two, as network marketing is mostly about selling, then to him, there is never a good way to learn how to run a successful business than by first learning how to sell – because good business is a result of good selling.

He even go on to encourage that, even if one does it jut to learn how to sell for a year without getting paid for it, they’d have learned** so much that to succeed in life will be the only option.

Of course, salesmanship teaches the way to deal with people all sorts of people, and that can be a very good skill.

And lastly, Robert says, successful people love to network and to market but failures don’t.

But is it a good passive income stream?

I’m still doing my little research, and if I find out that it’s indeed one of the best passive income streams, then I will add it into my streams.

Even though I will skip most of their trainings that are simply repetition and are run by some not-so-good speakers, I will still be able to make it a success.

But only if it’s a solid passive income source.

So please, if you have some thoughts, let me know.

Truly appreciated –  way in advance.

And hey, if you are on a network marketing business that you think it’s better than Utility Warehouse, and you think Robert Kiyosaki would as well like your business, then tell me more about it.

Thanks, and have a great day/night – or whatever time and do that you are doing as you read this.