ebook writing, is it a great passive income stream?

I have this big goal of creating up to three successful passive income streams by Christmas this year (2014).

And I’m thinking of ebooks as one stream.

Have you done it before?

Have you had the results you expected?

Well, I know of an experienced writer from Australia who tried to write an ebook in just 10 days.

And because she was blogging about her progress each day, all was going well until day 6 of her project where she disappeared with her blog.

It’s about two years now, and there is no sign of the book she told us she was writing.


Is it because she failed to get $1,000 per month that she hopped she could easily earn?

I don’t know.

But one thing I know is that there are writers out there who are making the most of ebooks.

If you are reading this and you are one of these people, please, don’t click away.

And if you have a minute or two this week, can you share with me a few thoughts on how you did it the first time round?

I’ve bought and read a number of books on how to write ebooks, but I think I can learn so much more from someone who has actually done it and is ready to answer a couple of questions from me (and perhaps from my readers as well).

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world – as long as you have done it more than once, and succeeded on one or both, then please, I’m looking forward to your thoughts.


And if you tried but didn’t make any cash, and maybe  you even decided to shut down your shop, your website or something, let me know what you think were the reasons for the any of that.

And hey, I will buy a good bottle of wine to each good thought and tip or any experience shared.

But it must be deep, thoughtful and inspiring.

Here is an example from stevepavlina.com.


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