embarking on ebook writing

My previous post asked a question: writing ebooks, is it a great passive income stream?

And the answer is yes.

There are writers who are millionaires already simply by writing ebooks.

And other writers like Steve Pavlina have reported that his ebooks oursells the paperbacks and hard cover books.

That’s great to know.

Of course, it has been like that for over two years now – two years since ebooks started to outsell traditional print books.

The reason is obvious.

Tablets and smartphones are selling like crazy.

Everyone wants one, so everyone has at least one.

And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a tablet or a smartphone, as both can be very good for reading ebooks.

So what we have now is the fact that, you can read wherever you are without a hustle or even extra kg in your hand – all you need is a smart device.

This is definitely my time to add supply to this huge demand in good ebooks.

And because I also want to see how ebooks will add up to my new goal of creating some passive income streams, I definitely have to be in it to make it.

Already, I’m crafting my very first ebook, I know!

Very exciting and frightening as well.

It is based on what I’ve read, observed, experienced and longed to understand at a deeper level for the past 10+ years.

This time in August, my very first ebook will be out.

It won’t be one of the longest ebooks out there, but it certainly one of the thoughtful, interesting and relevant to those who love personal development.

Well, that’s my personal review to it.

You know, when you have read hundreds of books, you tend to think you know what works and what doesn’t.

Well, I guess I know and have something to write about.

And besides, having trained as a copywriter, I definitely know how to hook me up to the content.

I hope my concept for the book makes it to the hearts of readers world wide.

I hope in the end, it all adds up to something worth sharing; something that pushes my life ahead as a writer – a very successful writer.

And even if it won’t bring the best results, I know I’d have grown way more than where I am right now.

To me growth is what matters.

If there be progress to what my talents can do then I would like to be part of it – whatever it may be.

I’ve worked on a radio station, and I loved every bit of it.

I’ve worked in PR departments, and felt like I was an incompetent journalist.

I’ve worked in advertising and felt as though my freedom was in jeopardy and that my capabilities were only directed to one little patch of the land.

I’ve worked in retail where the thoughts that you catch in the course of the day are all about conformity and ‘we are doomed’.

But writing; writing has all I need.

I don’t mind writing all night.

I don’t mind reading other people’s work to gain knowledge so that I too, can write and expand on the ideas.

I love writing.

Mind you, I was meant to be an accountant.

But I ran away from the calculator.

I decided to hold on to a pen, a pencil, a notebook, and a couple of smart devices.

I’m a writer.

I write when in bed, when I walk, in the bathroom and even when I drive.

So this time, I’m getting my name on a dozen or so books.

That’s all.

It’s a life without limit.

The life that, if you want freedom, all you have to do is write.

I remember back in time, I so much wanted to work in a big advertising agency.

But one week after I was in one, I was ready to call it a day.

There is more in me that an advertising agency cannot give.

And that’s why I’m embarking on to writing ebooks.

What will unfold in the process will add life to my talent, cash to my cruise trips and materials for my next writing projects.

eBooks, here I come!