education – growth from within

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Life expects us to grow.

And this year, we are to grow more than we did it last year.

Yes, we are to accomplish more than we have ever done in our lives. We have the reasons and the purpose. We have the capabilities and the opportunities to do so.

And even more, we have no any other better choice but to grow ourselves to the highest limits and share that growth with the rest of the world.

So, let’s grow!

I have unanswered question above .

Let’s answer it together.

Just follow me.

The wise Wallace D Wattles, one of my favourite early 1900’s authors wrote the following on his book ‘How to be a Genius’;

“The purpose of life for man is growth…

Man is formed for growth, and he is under the necessity of growing.

It is essential to his happiness that he should continuously advance.

Life without progress becomes unendurable, and the person who ceases from growth must either become imbecile or insane.

The greater and more harmonious and well-rounded his growth, the happier man will be.”

Great words, huh?.

But still, the question is still not answered.

Well, I am soon going to answer it, but before I do, please re-read Wallace’s words, this time slower and see if you could personalize each word.

This is how they would read;

“The purpose of life to me is growth…

I am formed for growth, and that I am under the necessity of growing.

It’s essential to my happiness that I should continually advance.

Life without progress becomes unendurable, and the person who ceases from growth must either become imbecile or insane – and I am none of them.

The greater and more harmonious and well-rounded my growth is, the happier I will be.”

Do the words feel and sound the same?

If they do, ask yourself the following questions;

  • If the purpose of life for me is growth, am I growing?
  • If my happiness is attached to my advancement, am I an advancing person?
  • Is my life unendurable because of lack of growth?
  • Have I ceased from growth?
  • So, am I imbecile or insane or something else undesirable?
  • Does that make my life meaningful?

Well, let us now answer the title question.

Why do we need to grow from within?

And to answer that, here is Wallace again;

“There are two mental attitudes a man may take.

One makes him like a football.

It has resilience and reacts strongly when force is applied to it, but it originates nothing; it never acts of itself.

There is no power within it.

Men of this type are controlled by circumstances and environment; their destinies are decided by things external to themselves.

The Principle of Power within them is never really active at all.

They never speak or act from within.

The other attitude makes man like a flowing spring.

Power comes out from the center of him.

He has within him a well of water springing up into everlasting life, he radiates force; he is felt by his environment.

The Principle of Power in him is in constant action.

He is self-active.

He hath life in himself.

No greater good can come to any man or woman than to become self-active.”

Great answer and to honest, I’m not done with Wallace’s words as I’m going to take them a bit further.

Did you know that growth from within is the true meaning of education?

Here is what I found from Google,

‘The word education is derived from the Latin word “educo,” meaning to educe, to draw out, to DEVELOP FROM WITHIN. An educated man is not, necessarily, one who has an abundance of general or specialized knowledge.’

So, it’s not about the certificates we own, or the researches we have written or the places we have been, but what we have become from within as a result of such activities.

Growth from within has a greater power to transform any person to whatever version they want to become.

For example; if one wants to stop smoking and forget all about self-justification that just hinders the appropriate actions then there’s only one way… to start from within.

It doesn’t even need to be a New Year’s resolution or anything like that, but to simply wake up the mind and use it to change one’s life by growing from within.

To be and act like a football as Wallace said is of any value. Because if there is no one to kick the ball that means there is no movement whatsoever.

But a flowing SPRING is what the world need. It’s the source of life to all that come its way.

how to grow from within

  • By increasing our knowledge – reading wide and all
  • Studying the laws of the universe as they are in control on everything without favour or fear
  • And by making the most of each day as the opportunity to grow

I read for at least an hour a day.

And it seems like I cannot live a day without reading. I feel unwell if I don’t.

This adds me with knowledge to help me grow. But this knowledge helps me grow only if I apply it. So here is my point.

Knowledge is power but only when applied.

Pursuing the path of growth is not always easy but then again, there is no any other better way.

There are very few people out there who love to live their lives consciously. People who make sure that they are on the path of growth no matter what.

And to be honest, most of these people are the top successful people in our societies.

Life is of little meaning if they don’t grow, explore and expand their comfort zones.

Growth from within changes our words, changes our thoughts, changes our way of interacting with others (as we tend to always measure what you are about to say to them or think about them).

And I guess, growth from within is the only sure way for human’s advancement because anything that comes to life, everything we want to see in life, starts from within.

Whether it is war or peace, technology or a book, they are all the children of the mind.

This is why in his Great Learning, Confucius wrote;

“The ancients, who wished to illustrate illustrious virtue throughout the kingdom, first ordered well their own states.

Wishing to order well their own states, they first regulated their families.

Wishing to regulate their families, they first cultivated their persons.

Wishing to cultivate their persons, they first rectified their hearts.

Wishing to rectify their hearts, they first sought to be sincere in their thoughts.

Wishing to be sincere in their thoughts, they first extended to the utmost their knowledge.

Such extension lay in the investigation of things.”

So my dear reader, my dear friend, my fellow writer, my brother, my sister, consider growth as the best way to the best life.

Let’s teach nothing to our children but growth and growth from within.

Let’s not follow the crowd but the understanding of matters in their highest forms.

Let’s not walk in the path already designed or wait for circumstances to strike to move us… but let’s spring from within and change the world by offering the best service and the greatest commodity of them all – growth.

It’s nature’s way that all must grow, so let it be so.

It’s the right thing to constantly advance, so, let it be.

Yes, let it be from within.