man attracts not that which he wants but that which he is

With no doubt, this is one of greatest facts of all times.

That ‘men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are’.

The trouble is, do we really understand this line?

You see, a while ago I asked this old friend of mine, – well, not a friend as such but a rather a well connected acquaintance… so I asked him if he understood the idea behind this statement that ‘men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are’… but his answer was no.

The thing is, he is way beyond 70 years of age.

Of course, he is still a close relation, and I’m not at all judging him, but after my visit with him I had so much thoughts on this subject.

How can a man be in his 70s but have no knowledge of this important fact of them all?

Yes, I’ve just turned 32 about a week or so ago and I’ve known this statement for well over two years.

Does that make me any smarter than my old friend?

Well, maybe.

Does that give me the bragging rights just because I know what most people don’t know?

Not at all.

And that’s why I write about it here…

I write about it here so that other people can as well get this important piece of knowledge.

but is it any important?

Well, just think about it for a moment…

How many times do we sit down and share with our friends and family the things and life experiences we want to own and live?

How many times we make a list of our dream cars, our dream home, our dream partners, our dream… everything?

But then how many people have ever told us,

‘Hey Josh, to get a Ferrari you have to become a Ferrari… or else ‘forgetaboutit’’?

One wise-man known as Jim Rohn did say something like this,

‘to get something better, we have to become better, to get more we have to become more’.

The trouble is, when I heard these Jim Rohn’s words I didn’t get what he was on about. The whole thing just didn’t make sense at all to me.

I was like, why should I get better to get a better stuff?

I thought I must get them first before I get better… and by the way, aren’t they the ones to help me get better?

To understand this great statement I had to go through a lot of reading. But then I wasn’t reading to simply understand the statement, but for my personal growth.

Now what happened is, the more I read, the more I came across similar expressions.

Here is one:

‘The soul attracts that which it secretly harbours; that which it loves, and also that which it fears. It reaches the heights of its cherished aspirations.’

This is from James Allen in his book ‘As A Man Thinketh’.


So it appears to me that, it really doesn’t matter what we say we want, it doesn’t matter what we say we are going to accomplish… because here is the thing…

Men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.

If we are more concerned about ill health we then become ill.

If what we think more of is about lack of stable financial security, then that’s what we get, lack of financial stability.

If we love foreign land, we think travel and similar experiences, then that’s what we will attract.

The universe is just too perfect to favour anyone.

We all get what we deserve.

We all get that which we are and so much of what we want.

What happens in our lives is a reflection of what’s in our inner world.

You see, we at times think we can keep secret.

But there are no secrets in this world.

Every secret is told.

What we think of others rushes to crystallize itself into our own lives.

What we think of ourselves doesn’t stay there in our minds but rushes out to meet us.

It is a universe governed by the perfect laws.

The laws that knows that every act rewards itself.

And every act repeated several times creates a momentum… and soon enough, the momentum is so fast that with the ignorance of these laws, no feeble minded person can slow it down.

Call that crisis – if it was on a negative side.

But call it prosperity – if all were based on happiness.

So the universe is one.

And the laws act as one.

And everything in it acts in response to that oneness – whether knowing or not knowing.

That’s why we cannot hurt ourselves without hurting others.

That’s why we cannot hurt others without hurting ourselves.

And that’s why we only get what we are, and not what we want.

Because in the Universe of perfect alignment, we cannot want something that we are not in tune with it and still get it.

We must only get that which we are in harmony with.

But what if we want to get better things of higher vibrations that where we are, than what we are right now?

Well, we must grow… we must raise our vibrations… we must get our senses into contact with the senses of what we want… we must be able to feel what we want with easy… or else we must forgetaboutit.

What our minds think we deserve, that’s what we get.

If we want more, we must convince our minds that we deserve more.

How do we do that?

Well, the same way we have told our minds that we deserve little: through the principle known as auto-suggestion.

This is the place for affirmations.

This is the place for visualization and meditation.

If we suggest to our minds often enough that we deserve that new house, for honest reasons (bigger family, etc) our minds will believe what we are suggesting, and as a result, a magic to bring that house into our reality will happen.

So yeah, it’s true that, men do not attract that which they want, but that which they are.

One of the best ways to start the process is by knowing ourselves better + knowing the laws of the universe as well.

That way, we will as well know others.

That way, we will know how to deliberately apply the big laws of the universe for not only our benefits but the benefits of everybody.

Because after all, we are one.

Because, after all, these laws favours nobody.

So whatever we want, we must be vibrationally in alignment with it.

But most importantly, it must not violate anyone else’s life in any trivial way.

To get more, we must become more.