i almost forgot how to write

About a month ago, I set out to post to my blog every day for 30 days.

I wanted to develop a chronic blog posting habit that’s unbeatable. Not by other writers, but by myself.

And it was simply a personal challenge.

But somehow along the way, on day 17th, I got caught up with other necessities of life.

I got into doing things that pulled me away from writing.

So second after another passed. And before I knew it, a week had gone, then two then… damn!

Of course, I never wanted to wait that long before posting another post, but I guess in writing, and as in all art, it’s good to take a break. Even unplanned break.

The only small problem is, as a writer, as soon as you take a break, you immediately start to lose a lot of momentum in your writing mind.

The cloud of ideas that was hanging over your head, get blown away…

So by the time you get back to writing, it feels like a chore, like going for a walk in winter.

That sparkle, that passion that was there before seems to have evaporated to something else. Something unfamiliar.

But then there’s a good side of this writing adventure, and that’s: it only take an hour or two of complete focus to bring back the lost momentum.

An hour or two to get back to the flow.

And this is what I love so much abut writing.

It’s like riding a bike, or driving a car.

You never really forget how to… unless you somehow abused your head.

So, even though I felt as if I had forgotten how to write, I’m glad to say that I’ve got my writing swagger back.

And it feels even swaggier than before.

That means I’m back.

Let’s see how far this steam will go.