what is the one thing that you know for sure?

What if somebody asked you: what is it that you know for sure?

Yes, what’s the one thing that you have learned so far in your life, something that if it were to be shared  with others, it could possibly add value to their lives?

Well, I know that if I ask 100 people this question, probably I’d get 100 different responses.

And that is a good thing because we are all different… and what we learn from life depends on how we travel through it.

where i got this question

Years ago, when Oprah interviewed the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, she asked him so many questions… but for some reasons, only one question stood out:

‘What is the one thing that you know for sure?’

For me, this is a big question.

It’s so BIG that I wish it was inscribed in our culture so that we could ask our those who we wish success.

life is about growth

Life is meant for growth, one wiseman said.

Life is growth, said the other.

I must grow, said the third wise-man.

Well, it’s only the life of growth that can give us the meaningful answer to this question.

For Michael Jackson, the answer was, ‘Not much, I’m still learning’.

To mother Teresa I guess it was about how love and compassion can transform people.

To Nelson Mandela, maybe it’s ‘learn to forgive your enemies’.

To Martin Luther King, it might have been ‘to have a big dream’.

We can all have our different answers to this important question.

So what would yours be?

Because mine is this…

The realisation that ‘our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service’.

When I learned this from Earl Nightingale, it was like I was in the darkness and all of sudden Earl lit the world around me.

Of course, Earl’s words may not mean anything if we are ignorant of the bigger laws that governs the universe, but for me, to grasp the wonderful meaning behind that quotation, is one thing that I think I know for sure.

Our rewards in life, will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.

I wish my parents knew this, because if they did, they would’ve told me already.

I wish all my friends find a way to know this through me or other sources… because if they do, they will wake up in the morning ready to go out there to contribute.

I wish students get taught about this because it will help them make career choices instead of studying something simply because their friends are as well studying something.

I wish most homemakers get to know this, because life at home would add great lessons to our children who give teachers a hard time.

I truly wish that the whole world, knew these powerful words, because those who fight would think twice and those who are live in extreme poverty would get up and contribute instead of waiting for help.

That is one thing I know for sure, that I think, if we all get to know and apply it in our lives, literally, the world would be a better place for everyone.

And all we need to know is this: our rewards in life will always be in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.

So let me ask you again, what is the one thing that you know for sure?

The one thing that is good for everybody and adds to life instead of taking from it?

Remember, our answers today may not be the answers tomorrow.

If we take the path of personal growth, for sure we will grow and get better answers year after another.

Thanks for reading.

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