social mobility: got something to say about it…

Well, thank God it’s Monday.

And instead of procrastinating, I have thoughts to share.josh okus - therichthoughts dot com

Last week I bought a new, nice, leathery notebook from TK Maxx.

The thing is, I only bought it because it says ‘Got Something to Say’.

This is not a notebook that a writer sees it and do nothing about it.

To a writer, this sort of item is a must-have.

The reason is simple: writers believe that they have something to say.

Something important.

Something that adds to life.

Something inspiring.

Something humourous.

Or even thought provoking… something.

Now, in the next 10 or so posts I will be discussing the social mobility concept.

In the developed world, social mobility is a subject that most people would like to have their say about it.

Some are angry that there are set barriers to hinder others to grow and live the life of great success.

Some don’t even think about the concept.

Because they believe that there is God on their side.

Others believe that there is the law of attraction on their side.

And yet to some, they believe that they can do whatever they put their minds to regardless of who and what is on their side.

So to these people, no matter what the social mobility professionals suggest, they decide to look the other way.

But what’s social mobility, anyway?

Is it not simply the matter of setting and achieving goals?

Is it like an affirmative action or the so-called positive discrimination?

Is it about the fact that anyone can socially move to the upper brackets of good life – if at all they wish to?

Does it get set and designed by politicians?

What do the rich and the best say about social mobility?

What about the great minds of the past?

What was their word of advice on this subject?

And, is it true that it’s harder if you are black?

And that it’s easier if you are white?

Well, these and several other questions are answered in this series of posts about social mobility. explains it all in a number of blog posts.

I would like to invite you to share your thoughts.

The next post goes general on the social mobility subject.

It introduces the parameters of it all before going a bit more specific in the following posts.

In the meantime

Feel free to share on what you think is the meaning of social mobility to you?

Do you believe in the measures set by your politicians and professionals in the name of social mobility?