how do you decide on what to blog about?

I’ve been blogging since 2009.

Back then, I blogged about religious topics.

But in less than six months later, through my path or personal development, I decided that I didn’t need to go to church or even discuss the religious subjects on my blog.

So I took it to the street where I felt free and able to explore the world in a way that I wasn’t able to do before.

And then my old religious friends called me a backslider.

Of course, I agreed with them.

And so I started to blog about personal development.

That went on well, until I completed my training as a copywriter when the focus went on to advertising and content marketing.

So I started another blog.

Then, I made it to the top of my chosen search engine optimisation strategy.

That gave me a lot of pride and peace of mind.

And before long, I was working in advertising agency where as a copywriter, apparently, I was supposed to show more of copies than content.

Because as you’d know, blogging is simply content writing, copywriters don’t consider it that much of a big deal.

So I walked on.

And lately, I have decided to follow the path of my heart.

Which leads me to the question above, how do you decide on what to blog about?

You see, I understand that in life we are to define our definite chief goal.

That means, we have to have some kind of focus and develop a momentum from that.

I also understand that in life, we have to know what we want to do.

Now, I know that it’s easy to call yourself a writer.

The good thing about that is, you already know what you want to do.

But what kind of writer are you going to be?

Some writers are:

  • content writers
  • copywriters
  • technical writers
  • journalists
  • poets
  • etc

All these writers write, but they don’t write the same thing.

And even if you decide to be a copywriter or a content writer, still not all copywriters and content writers write the same stuff.

Some, like Sunfish specialises on subscription copywriting.

Others focus only on one industry, or two.

But then, regardless of what kind of writer you are, how do you decide on what to blog about?

  • Do you pick the topic that is on a high demand right now?
  • Do you blog on what interests you, what you are passionate about and simply what you are good at?
  • Do you blog in line with your life purpose and the great laws of nature, or simply blog because it’s a good content marketing tool – the tool that everyone else out there seem to use?

How do you decide?

Well, here is my answer:

Choose happiness first – if it makes you happy, if it inspires you to do more for others, if it is honest to you, then go and blog about it.

What do you think?