is reading important to you?

‘Books are for reading’. Ben Carson

Is reading one of the keys to a better life?

Is reading the assisting power to reaching our potential?

Is reading to life the same as salt to food –  or is reading the food in itself?

Is reading blog posts the same as reading books?

Is reading tabloids the same as reading Emerson or Napoleon?

Is reading Harry Potters the same as reading Mark Twain?

Isn’t reading Jack London and Scott Fitzgerald as beneficial as reading about the religious icons like Jesus and Buddha?

Will Smith says reading is the key to life, but what’s is life? Bills, family, neighbours, culture and good times?

T I says reading helps us reach our potential; but what’s that potential?

Do we just spell it with  words and enhance it with our positive thoughts?

‘If there’s a wise man among you’, Emerson said, find out what books does he read?’

So is non-fiction better than fiction?

Scientific research better than somebody’s fantasy?

I love books, and without them I would have been a worse animal than I am now.

But do I miss anything for not reading fiction?

Will I regret for embracing James Allen and having nothing to do with monsters and vampires?

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