<<A good life is the main argument. ~ Ben Jonson, 1640>>

Dear reader, I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Today I just want to share a few thoughts on life purpose.

But first, let me ask you a question: do you have one? If you don’t have one, but you value personal growth, then I suggest that it’s time to develop and define one for yourself.

Fortunately, if you throw that same question to me, I’m glad that I now can catch it with a good response that, yes, I have one, I have a life purpose.

Years ago, I read about the importance of having a life purpose, but as a young inexperienced life, I didn’t do anything with that knowledge. Until recently when I was reading Jack Canfield’s book, Success Principles.

So immediately I set my purpose and I noticed the difference right away.

Now here are three reasons I think it’s important to develop and define one’s life purpose:

1. Life becomes more

<<yes, it gets more meaningful and rewarding when lived with purpose>>

better people

I have observed that people with purpose worry very little if at all they do. This, as I have seen, displays a warm and a genuine smile that is so attractive.

They know where they are going, they know that their goals are rooted within their life purpose, so why should they worry?

They grow into better versions of themselves and they are the loveliest  people to network with.

They speak from within, they recommend, they compliment, and so on from the same – heart.

They don’t even complain. Well, why should they? Their understandings are much bigger than complaining, than criticising, than hating, than practicing any vice. They see no point to.

the great minds

I have also come to start to understand that most of the great men and women that the history writes their names in bold, all had purposes.

Napoleon Hill wanted to share the secret to success.

Emerson wanted to to share the great laws of nature.

Churchill wanted to serve his people justly.

I want to simply inspire and appreciate others.

What about you?

What do you want?

the world becomes a better place

I also think that it’s easy to make the difference in the world.

And we can do that with very little effort because the moment we are in alignment with our inner selves, we are also in alignment with greater laws of nature.

The laws that just as they take care of the seeds a farmer plant on the ground, so they too are very much capable of taking care of the seeds we plant within us.

take 100% responsibility of your life

Taking 100% responsibility is one of the key habits that differentiates between the very successful and the average.

By defining our life purpose, life gets taken seriously (not the boring serious, though… but the vibrant serious).

This counts so much on how much we achieve in the end.

on quality and on quantity

Lastly for this part of the post, life is a bit more meaningful and rewarding when lived with and on purpose because it makes sure that goods and services we trade with others are of greater quality and suitable quantity.

People and businesses that live on purpose just don’t do it for the money.

They do it because they love what they do, and the results, of course, speak for themselves – simply the best.

So in short, we can achieve more by living our lives with purpose than living with some half baked dreams.

On the second post of this series, I share some more thoughts as to how, by defining and clarifying our life purpose we end up accelerating our progress in life and easily achieve more.