2. accelerate your progress easily with your life purpose

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<<What controls your attention controls your life. ~ Unknown>>

In this post I’m sharing why life’s purpose help us to:

  • improve our creative potential
  • become more innovative
  • grow faster and better +
  • develop a positive momentum.

So, let’s do this…

Let’s do this by saying that average life, for anyone who wants more, has so much huddles and bridges to jump and cross.

But a liberating thought to know is, most of these huddles and bridges are self-imposed.

That’s why it’s important to plant that important seed in your mind.

The seed that says,

‘here is my life purpose… to use my talents, skills, and key personality strengths to do the best for myself and as a result, support and encourage others to their success’.

(That’s just an example… but most people’s life purposes flows in a similar style.)

but how does life purpose help one to accelerate their progress and to achieve more?

improve your creative potential

Having worked in advertising, PR and radio, I have come across, many times, people who like to preach that they aren’t creative.

If you ask them they’d list a number of reasons so as to why they think they aren’t as creative as you are:

  1. ‘No one in my family is any creative, only our cat… Jessy Jay.’

  2. ‘My dad, you know my dad? he used to be an accountant but now he is a consultant… he always said I’m not that creative. He is a smart guy you know, and that’s why I believe him.’

  3. ‘Anyway, not everyone is creative…. Well, at least I’m not. That’s a proof right there.’

  4. And some more related excuses…

The truth of the matter is, we are all creative.

We are born creative but for some reasons we get carried away with conforming to the norms and standards that do not stress on our creativity.

So when we define and clarify our purpose, it’s easy to become more creative because at least we have a focus – a focus that we want to see some great results from.

become more innovative

As we become more and more creative we create a momentum that leads to coming up with much greater ideas; ideas that give us an edge, ideas that can set our innovative quests to a whole new level.

the best way to continuous personal growth

The moment we develop our life purpose we as well put ourselves on the path to personal growth, the path that’s inspiring.

It’s nature’s purpose for us to grow.

Everything that has life grows in some way.

It’s nature’s way.

The best of them out there grow every day.

They learn something new everyday.

They push themselves out of their comfort zones every day.

But they do that because they know where they are going.

They know what they want to achieve in the end.

They have a life purpose.

And they will do anything to make it come to life.

develop a positive momentum

As I said, life purpose help us focus our energy and resources like time so as to achieve maximum results.

In the end, this adds to our overall confidence as we build up on the positive momentum.

The momentum that’s sure to attract more and better to our lives.

Yes, more and better because the more we grow, the more everything around us grow as well – our relationships, financial mindset, our spiritual awareness and so forth.

in short

Life purpose adds more to our lives because it helps us accelerate our progress  on a daily basis.

The progress that, as I share on part 3 of the series on life’s purpose, helps us stay motivated no matter what.

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