avoid toxic relationships in your life!

richrelationships<<We are only as successful as the people we spend the most time with.’ ~ Tom Corley>>

Have you ever had a successful person avoid you?

Or, have you ever tried to stay away from someone just because you think your relationship with them is not all that beneficial to your advancement?

Well, I have experienced both.

One, very successful business person, who was very close to me decided to mind the gap.

He didn’t  say a word.

He just mined the gap between us.

And because I saw it coming, it was easy to I accepted it.

But for a while I didn’t know why.


And on the other hand, I have pulled away from some people simply because we had not much in common.

I like anything that offers an opportunity for a personal growth.

But if the opportunity is otherwise, then I walk away.

It’s that simple.

But as I have kept my path of learning, I have come to realise that, in life, we either have RICH RELATIONSHIPS – with people who can help us grow, or we have POOR or POVERTY RELATIONSHIPS – with people who for some reasons, hold us back.

Technically, people cannot hold us back.

Of course, they cannot do so if we know where we are heading to.

They cannot do any of that if we are certainly determined to get to where we want to get to.

And the truth is, we can only stop them from holding us back if we know and believe that the opinion within is always stronger than the opinion without – no matter what the statistics suggest.

So my question is simple: in your life right now, do you have the relationships that support you grow richer, fuller, stronger… or, do you have the relationships that slows you down?

If it’s the later, then my advice is simple – avoid them, they are toxic.

Before you know it, you will all be poisoned.

And remember, it’s the poison that kills.

People who add negative energy into your life don’t belong anywhere near you.

You can tell them where to go.

People who bring you down, don’t deserve to share your good life with you.

Tell them to mind the gap.

Or just do it yourself.

How hard can it be?

People who reminds you of the past that doesn’t exist in your head right now, the past that you have already overcome, these people don’t have to share your smiles with you.

Cut and paste them away from your daily routine.

All you need is rich relationships.

Because rich relationships add life to our lives.

Poor relationships don’t.

And that’s why we have to avoid them.

Do seek and keep that which makes you grow.

And enjoy the growth :).