3. stay easily motivated by the power of your life purpose


<<let your life purpose energize you and help keep you motivated>>


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Now I have posted that there are 3 reasons as to why it’s important to define and clarify our life purpose. (Here is the first, and here is the second.)

We come to this life naked, scared and mostly, crying.

But as we develop some awareness, we figure it out that the only thing to be scared of is ourselves. Of course, we also find out that it’s wise to cover our bodies with clothes and at the same time, we choose not to cry but ask why the hell are we here?

And that’s why it’s important to know ourselves. I once saw a guy wearing a black t-shirt with words: Don’t play with yourself.

Of course, you only play with yourself if you don’t know who you are.

But then, how do you know who you are?


By understanding what is your life purpose.

And the fact is, no one gives that to you.

You give it to yourself.

You decide what you want to see accomplished at the end of the day:

  • justice
  • adding joy and peace to others
  • supporting and encouraging others to become more
  • etc

Now the third reason I think it’s important to curve out our life purpose is that, life purpose helps us stay motivated.

Do you know why motivational speakers get paid lots of money?

I will tell you.

Because so many of us are not motivated at all.

So we need someone else to stand in front of us and tell us why we should be motivated.

And also, most motivational speakers are constant every day learners.

So that means we can do the same.

We don’t really need them to motivate us.

We need to clarify our life purpose and as a result motivate ourselves.

Here is how life purpose get us motivated no matter what:

  1. because the end goal is constantly in your minds

  2. and we don’t have to think hard of goals – it’s all clear, all the time

  3. it kills procrastination – so be sure to complete your projects

So the simple way to define and clarify your life purpose is by asking yourself one simple question:

‘how would I like to be remembered?

Remember, one wise man once said that, the only way to be remembered you have to either…

…do something worth writing about or write something worth reading about.

Since I clarified my life purpose, more helping tools, more resources and greater creativity have shown up my way to support my path.

This helps me do the things I never done.

This adds passion and grip to everything I go for.

Because in the end, I’m not doing it just for me… but as the nature’s way, I do it to add life to other lives.

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