success is predictable


<<Men don’t attract that which we want, but that which we are. ~ James Allen>>

It’s said that, it’s not about where we come from but where we’re going.

That, it’s not about how your past look like but how you want your future to be.

Well, that’s not all true.

Where we come from counts if we want to know where we’re going.

Our past successes and failures can help us do better today and tomorrow.

So success is predictable because we become what we think about, what we give our attention to.

If we keep our attention on the past failures and problems, current challenges and uncertainties, if we complain, if we blame, if we doubt, if we worry, when we are dishonesty, when we embrace a vice or two, we automatically login into some more failures.

But if we think about the past success in a positive and calm manner, if we think about our current goals in the same way, if we think of happy thoughts, if we are optimistic, if we are hopeful and act on out hopes, when we are grateful, when we want to appreciate, we are automatically subscribing to success.

Some of the best ways to predict our future success is by:

  1. reviewing our friendships – if the immediate five aren’t successful then…
  2. observing our daily habits – if we are acting more like unsuccessful people do (procrastination, blaming, poor work ethic, poor health due to poor diet, hoping and wishing rather than working your way up…) then shit is upon us…
  3. asking, ‘Do I have a written goal? – if not, then we must ‘forgetaboutit’.
  4. asking, ‘Do I take time to learn new knowledge that can help me achieve my goal/s? – if we do, then we know we are on the right track

Success according to Earl Nightingale,

‘Success is a progressive realization of a worthy ideal.’

And that’s why it’s so predictable.

Success is about knowing the specifics of where we are heading to, and taking every necessary step to get there without delay.

And failure is when we simply drift through life… when we conform with their standards instead of following our own dreams with focus.

So let’s celebrate our past success and invest time and rich thoughts into bringing our current goals to life.

And whatever virtues are attached to this path, we must do what we can to learn it and own it.

Because we don’t get in life what we want, but what we are.

So if we want more we must become more.

If we want change, we must be that change.

If we want peace and love, well, you get the point.