why the rich don’t do lottery

gambling is not for the wealthy - those with therichthoughts<<Gambling: The sure way of getting nothing for something. ~ Wilson Mizner  (source)>>

Do you gamble?

Do you enjoy it?

Do you win?

Do you win the same as you lose?

Or, do you lose more than you win?

I’m not of a gambler, but recently, I got into this vibe of buying scratch cards…

And the amazing thing is, in average, I won 2 out of 3 scratches.

I didn’t do it because I wanted to get the big money… but I wanted to see if winning means I’m somehow a lucky guy.

Yes, a lucky guy because there is a gentleman who I know has been buying lottery tickets and cards for over 20 years, and so far he has won nothing.

So I kind of wanted to see whether it’s going to take me 20+ years as well, but it didn’t.

But then I had to stop buying the cards because, when it comes to the path of personal growth, gambling isn’t one of the options.

On November’s issue of Success magazine, Tom Corley wrote a piece titled, 16 Rich Habits: Your autopilot mode to make you wealthy or poor.

The article is interesting.

It’s interesting because I have always wanted to know what the rich people know that the poor don’t, or, what the rich people do that the poor people don’t.

Of course, I have done a great deal of research on the subject, but reading Corley’s piece added some new insights to me.

And one of them is that, every week, up to ‘77% of those who struggle financially play the lottery’, says Corley.

‘Hardly anyone who is wealthy plays the numbers. Wealthy people do not rely on random good luck for their wealth. They create their own good luck.’

And since I’m doing my best to align my habit to the best of them, I immediately stopped buying lottery cards.

I must create not hope to make something out of nothing.

There is a point in all these because, we often see people who won millions  only a few years ago, who are now either broke or in deep shit of debts.

Do you gamble?

Is gambling adding to your pockets?

Or, is it stealing from it?

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