is there any better #SuccessMagazine than the SUCCESS magazine by Darren Hardy?



<<<is there any better success magazine like SUCCESS magazine by Darren Hardy? Well, I don’t know any.>>>

The other day I asked an acquaintance if he expected to be successful. And his answer was ‘not really’.

I couldn’t believe it. May be because I’m aware that he buys lottery tickets often.

Why should you buy lottery if you don’t expect to make it big?

But then as I found out, buying lottery tickets is a poverty mindset. Most of the financially struggling people buy lottery tickets weekly. But the wealthy guys and girls don’t.

How did I find out?

(And believe me, that’s a big ‘find out’ for me… as i used to buy about 5 in a year.)

Well, I’m a devoted reader of the SUCCESS magazine published by Darren Hardy.

This monthly magazine, is published with the mindset that, the general media isn’t good for our growth and therefore doesn’t feed us what is right for success.

Darren Hardy hates what the media broadcasts all day and night to people… so he decided to make sure that at least from his magazine, there would be some hope.

Hope and thoughts that the world is in fact a better place to be very successful.

And that, there’s no better time to be successful as an entrepreneur, or whatever, as it is today.

Of course, there are other number of reasons as to why I love the SUCCESS magazine.

  • Like the fact that most of what is shared is so expensive if I was to go out and buy it all for myself.

  • Or, the fact that in each issue, I have the privilege to meet some of the great minds and pick from their thoughts, habits, and strategies for success – throughout the pages or by listening to the FREE CD provided.

  • Or, the fact that the each issue is simply inspiring.

Even though I’m not a subscriber – as I save over £20 per year by buying from the shop, I don’t mind it because, after all, as a writer, I must pay visits to these shops… so I may as well collect my SUCCESS copy this way.

This is not a promotional post, but it’s OK if somebody out there thinks it is… because it’s – for all good reasons.

From all that I’m getting from this magazine, it’s super fair to blog in its favour: go SUCCESS!

And if you haven’t read one, give it a try next time you are near a magazine stand.