one big thought from Wallace D. Wattles for entrepreneurs

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Feeling grateful today?

Well, I do… as it’s another day to share some more rich thoughts.

This time, I want to share an important thought from Wallace D. Wattles (1860–1911). So please, come with me.

Wallace D. Wattles was an American author. He wrote a number of personal growth, Christian centred books. One of best known book he wrote is The Science of Getting Rich.

If you like to read but for some reason you haven’t read this one then it’s good to check it out… There are free PDFs download copies online here.

But if you’d like to hold and smell a real book, then here is one from Amazon.

And by the way, if you have watched the film the Secret, or even read the book the Secret, both by Rhonda Bryne, you will notice that she was inspired to do all that she has done because she read The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace.

So  Wallace’s book is a big one…. one of the classics in the world of personal development.

Now in today’s blog post, I’m going to share one thought I believe to be at the centre of Wallace’s book.

And to make the post even more relevant, I’m going to relate the thought to professionals like the modern marketers, advertisers, freelance writers, web/graphic designers or even an author to see how they could apply its principles in their careers.

So are you ready?

Now, having experienced poverty, having eaten the bitter fruits of lack, and having faced the evil rays of fear brought by not having enough, Wallace D. Wattles decided to search for answers.

This meant he had to do a lot of research that in the end, he knew enough to share with the rest of the world.

*Thought*: When you know you have something good to share, do share it. That’s how we contribute value to the world and get rewarded by doing it.

One of the greatest thoughts Wallace shared is that of cultivating our creative selves rather than the competitive egos.

This, to me, having read countless books on personal growth, sales and marketing, is the greatest thought ever. Let me explain.

If you are in business, the thought about competition is a constant one.

Marketing consultants will tell you, you need to have enough reports on what your competitors are up to. So we invest both money and time to understand how the competition can swallow us if we don’t compete well enough.

And there are countless businesses that all they do all year round is studying competition in a particular industry.

But well, Wallace thought about all that differently.

Instead, he insisted on:

  • delivering value

  • focusing our energies on quality

  • thinking on how best can we do what we do for our customers/clients

  • how we can give more to our customers without taking much from them

  • and even on asking ourselves questions like: Am I doing my best?

These are great thoughts because if you happen to concentrate on competition, then the following is the result:

  • if your competitors are cheating, then there is a possibility that you’d be drawn into it somewhat… yes, you’d be pushed to think of doing the same.  If you don’t believe me, ask the British food retailers about the horce-meat scandal.
  • if your competitors focuses their resources on quantity rather than quality then you too will be carried away with that… and soon well, you know what…

But there is something else on his ‘cultivate on creative thought’ approach. Something that I would like to think that I will forever apply it in my business dealings.

And that is forgetting to think:

  • that the supply or demand is limited. It isn’t. Even with government interventions, even when the bankers do what they do best – cheating (as we are told by the media), still there is a plenty for you and your business to thrive.

  • that you have to rush because by tomorrow it will be too late. Wallace insists that if a creative mind takes the right steps each time, there’s never a need to rush… rushing is purely a competitive spirit, and by putting yourself in that frame of mind you are a loser already.

  • that the world is getting worse, and the opportunities are running low year on year. Wallace wrote that, this isn’t the case for people on the creative plane.For them, there are new business opportunities every day, and when one business industry collapses it’s a sign that better industry is out there waiting to be explored.

I know, there are conformities of the society that we have found ourselves wrapped into, but if we are ready to unlearn the competitive spirit and cultivate only on the creative side that suggests that…

  • there’s a better tomorrow
  • there’re more customers for our business out there
  • the internet age has increased our opportunities

Then we are on a different stage altogether.

If you are worried that competition will swallow your business in no time it’s because you have forgotten to think creatively.

If you think that next year things are going to get tough because the TV business report said so, then my friend, you have forgotten to think creatively.

If you think you have a bad-lack or something, then you have forgotten to think creatively.

Here is what Wallace says:

“The universe desires you to have everything you want to have. Nature is friendly to your plans. Everything is naturally for you.

  • You must get rid of the thought of competition.
  • You are to create, not to compete for what is already created.
  • You do not have to take anything away from any one.
  • You do not have to drive sharp bargains.
  • You do not have to cheat, or to take advantage.
  • You do not need to let any man work for you for less than he earns.
  • You do not have to covet the property of others, or to look at it with wishful eyes; no man has anything of which you cannot have the like, and that without taking what he has away from him.

You are to become a creator, not a competitor….”

It doesn’t matter what creative side of the world you are, it doesn’t matter what your business has been up to or what your business’s goals are… as long as you think creatively you have a better tomorrow.

But you must start to act creatively today.

I wish you all the best as you take the necessary steps toward that, and please remember, it’s a learning process.

Even so, the faster you learn the sooner you will be enjoying the benefits of a non-competitive thinking – a creative mind.

It’s easier to think creatively as there is less of this stuff:

  • stress
  • headache
  • worry
  • sleepless nights
  • and more

But with a creative mindset in operation, then we automatically get the following:

  • confidence – that we can do what we want to successfully
  • growth
  • great PR
  • easily be trusted
  • loyal customers
  • and more of the same

So let’s add to our habits and to-do-list that no matter what, we will never rush because of competition.

That we shall do our best, because we expect the best and know that we deserve the best as well.

If that’s a sure mindset, then we must receive the best no matter what are the statistics, the reports and so on, suggest.

Let’s stay creative.