one tremendous advice from Charles Tremendous Jones



In his book, Life is Tremendous, Jones asks,

‘Do you want to be happy, productive and secure?

And then he goes on to say:

‘Enthusiasm makes the difference.’

That’s a big lesson right there.

But that’s not why I’m writing this post.

What I’m writing this post for is this:

‘You are the same today as you’ll be in five years except for two things, the people you meet and the books you read.’

Books have changed my life – and continues to add life to it.

I am where I am because of what I have learned from self-help books over the last 10+ years.

My beliefs have been improved and enlightened partly because of the books I have read.

And also, books have added new, richer thoughts in me that have helped me relate favourably with other people.

Books have helped me understand that even though it’s important to have people around you, but they must be the kind of people who support my dreams.

People who believes in personal advancement.

That’s why I consider Jones words very powerful, that two important things determines our lives in the next five years:

  • the people we meet
  • and the books we read

We must avoid toxic people and add more positive people to experience rich relationships instead of poverty/poor relationships.

And we must make effort to read great books.

Because according to Ben Carson – the author of THINK BIG (the book that introduced me to personal development – in books, we get an opportunity to meet great minds at their best.

And if you are a busy person, 30 minutes before you start your day, or 30 minutes before you sleep can help you read up to two books each month.

So, go read and meet amazing people to enrich your life because that’s what you deserve.