one, stormy night, Napoleon Hill shouted…


What is the one great thought that tells it all about Napoleon Hill’s work?

Of course, it’s the title of his best-selling book: Think & Grow Rich.

This title summarises everything he taught and wrote.

In one of the audio on YouTube, he talks about how he came up with that title.

Apparently, he had the title that went something like, 13 Steps to Riches…

But then the editor/publisher, if I remember well, thought the title wouldn’t commercially work.

He therefore requested for another title.

It was an afternoon, and he wanted it before morning the next day.

So Napoleon tries all styles of  brainstorming but nothing worked.

Finally, it’s time for bed…  he then decides to do one thing I’ve never head of.

He shouted to his subconscious demanding:

‘You sub, you better get me a better title this very night.’

And then he goes to bed.

At around 2am, the sub delivers the best book title ever.

So finally,  the title changes from a boring feature title to a title full of benefit and promise: Think & Grow Rich.

But then, the question is, how do we think and grow rich?

We all know that it’s very difficult thing to control our thinking. Because most of the time when we try to, before we know it, we unknowingly move to thinking about other subjects else.

So how do we think and grow rich if we  can’t even monitor our thoughts?

Of course, all the wise men and women have said that we become what we think about… but how do we deal with what we think about?

Well, the answer is simple: by controlling what goes into our minds through what our senses – see, hear, feel, touch…

But mainly, from what we see and hear.

That’s why it’s not a wise decision to constantly listen and watch, listen and read the news these days –  they are full of bad news, tragedies of all sorts, and… we all know what.

If we must develop and achieve better results in our lives, we must control what we see and hear.

We must shun from the media. (Mind the gap!)

These days, I don’t have no time for the telly news, or any news.

I don’t listen to radio even when I’m driving as I have plenty of great collection of audio to enrich my thinking.

I only read that which adds to my thinking and life in general.

And I time everything I do as well. This helps me value my time and only do that which is necessary to achieve my goals.

So yes, it’s not easy to think and to grow rich… but if we have truly made up our minds to grow and develop, WE CAN think and grow richer.