#thankyou – Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy - therichthoughts

Every Monday, I like to thank at least one person who has added some richer thoughts and habits in to my life.

For me, this a new blogging habit, so I hope it lasts because honestly, there’s something special about appreciation.

It makes you feel good. And it makes the person appreciated feel even better.

My intention on writing these kinds of posts isn’t to draw you into my public appreciations but to encourage and grow that same seed in you.

On my previous post, my appreciation was on Ben Carson, the author of Think Big (and a now (2014) he is one of the individuals listed as potential candidates for the 2016 US Republican presidential nomination.

So this week I turn my vibes to someone else: Darren Hardy.

Darren Hardy is a motivational speaker, and is the publisher of Success magazine.

I was introduced to his work when I joined a network marketing business, Utility Warehouse.

He produced for us an audio file that was meant to help shift the mindset from an employee to a business owner.

It was a good recording.

But that’s not what makes me write this post.

Well, one of the reasons because what makes me write this post is all his works (that I know) put together.

You know, the Compound Effect (book), the Secrets of the Super-Achievers (YouTube), the Importance of Personal Development (YouTube), plus the best of them all, the Success magazine.

Even though I have been doing personal development for 10 years, for just a short period of time, I have accumulated great important tips from Darren Hardy, the tips that are already making a rapid upward change in my life.

My to-do list is way better and focused than ever before. And it helps me accomplish much more than I used to.

My goal setting strategies and plans are simply awesome-r. I achieve more in a day than I used to in three.

Most of his ideas are super-simple, but they work incredibly well into bringing the results I’m after.

You see, when I read Napoleon Hill for the first time, I felt like it was a huge turn in my life. A turn to a better world that for some reasons, I was locked out of.

Well, it is the same as I have consumed (and continue to consume) Darren Hardy’s work.

For sure, six months later, I will be unrecognisable from what and who I am today.

As I put to work Hardy’s simple tools of success, I can only dare to say, if you want to see me on a bigger world stage for my accomplishment sooner than later, just stick around.

Darren, thank you. And guess what? You are my distant mentor.

One day, I will meet you… not because of some favour, but because of my super-results.

I’m off to keep the momentum going.