we are all wise, the difference is, erm… i’m a writer?!

Definitely, this quote adds one rich thought in to our lives.

So let’s just listen to what it says:

We are all wise. The difference between persons is not in wisdom but in art.

I knew, in an academical club, a person who always deferred to me, who, seeing my whim for writing, fancied that my experiences had somewhat superior; whilst I saw that his experiences were as good as mine.

Give them to me, and I would make the same use of them. He held the old; he holds the new; I had the habit of tacking together the old and the new, which he did not use to exercise.

This may hold in the great examples. Perhaps, if we should meet Shakespeare, we should not be conscious of any steep inferiority; no: but of a great equality, — only that he possessed a strange skill of using, of classifying, his facts, which we lacked.’

¬ Emerson