how do the rich stay on top?

<<<one report says that, one of the ways to get ahead is not as hard as digging holes, but as simple as reading some rich thoughts and applying them>>>

Hey, how’re you doing!

I hope you’re still rocking them well.

I’m good… so good, actually.

So, let me ask you this simple question…

What good materials did you read/study yesterday?

Well, here is why I’m asking.

A recent research of the very rich among us has revealed something interesting.

That 88% of these tremendous people set time to read every day.

And they make sure that it’s not less than half an hour.

They just don’t read anything, you know tabloids and shitful blogs but they make sure that they read something that adds rich thoughts to their rich lives.

So the report says that these people read self-help materials, they also read anything that is in line with their careers or their major goals that year.

This rich habit amount to about two books a month.

So do they just read and keep reading some more?

No way.

They take up to three things they have learned and apply them straight.

That’s why they are getting better and better in every way.

That reminded me of another rich thought from this ancient Chinese wise man, Confucius:

‘Those who are born knowing are the best; next are those who study and come to know it; next are those who study it only in circumstances of duress. Those who do not study it even under duress, they are the lowest of people.’

Well, that’s it for now.

Think rich thoughts.

And stay rich.

From within.