why we must abandon a competitive mindset and embrace a creative one

<<Don’t remember what I say… but remember what you think as a result of what I say.’ ~ Charles T. Jones>>

I have, in the past, written a blog post titled, one big thought from Wallace D. Wattles.

In that post I discussed the importance of using our creative imaginations to create what we want instead of competing for what is already created.

In this post, I just want remind us that, we are way more creative more than we perhaps understand.

And the reason is simple: as we put whatever creativity we have to work… something amazing happens.

That’s, we add more power to it.

We add more elasticity to it.

As the principle goes, ‘use it or lose it’.

Use it and get more of it, or…

Keep it to one side and lose it all together.

In the business world today we are warned, ‘competition, competition, competition…, erm, stiff competition’.

We are told, do what your competitors do or get swallowed by them.

But is that all there is to know from that equation?

I think there is more.

I think, there is something else.

Something that as business professionals we need to be aware of.

And that’s, the power of our creative powers.

One of iconic figures in 1960s advertising, George Lois, wrote in his book Damn Good Advice that, ‘…creativity can solve almost all problems’.

And that’s true.

In fact, the only thing that is a person is his/her imagination, everything else can be found in horses and pigs.

We can create anything we want.

Whether it’s good or bad, yes we can.

Whether we think it’s big or small, yes we can.

That’s why we don’t have to compete for what is already created.

We simply have to create our own share.

We have got to think big.

Rich Thought Tip:

¬ Set time in your day to list at least five ideas (better be in your ideas book), ideas that you think can, if implemented help you step up a step or two… in your chosen field of work. Only five ideas a day for 5 to 10 minutes.