anyone for an appreciation challenge?

<<On this post, I want to beat Jack Canfield’s appreciation record, and to do that I list 18 bloggers before sharing the Rich Thought Tip. Please, follow me.>>

Well, it’s another post on appreciation.

And this time, I’m in a big challenge – for the next six months.

The challenge is against Jack Canfield – the America’s #1 Success Coach, is founder of the billion-dollar book brand Chicken Soup for the Soul®and a leading authority on Peak Performance and Life Success.

All I have to do is, appreciate 12 people in the course of my day for the next six months.


Because I want to lock in this new habit.

But also, because I want to try to beat Jack Canfield – he appreciated only 10 people, every single day for six months – that was long time ago, though.

And  here is the smart side of this challenge:

  • I gain by developing a solid new habit
  • I grow by finding ways to look at things to appreciate and not the things to attack or blame, if you like
  • And that, I don’t actually win because how in the world can I beat Jack if at all I have learned from him? That’s not called beating… just an inspiration.

So first of all, I will start right here on my blog.

I would like to thank the following bloggers, some for liking my posts and some for following my blog (at random):

  1. april4june6
  2. lineswithsigns
  3. myjourney2scratch
  4. lachlancathy
  5. keithgarrettpoetry
  6. vincentegoroblog
  7. bluchickenninja
  8. worddreams
  9. johnguillen
  10. begintobelieve
  11. youngandtwenty
  12. drheathergollnow
  13. theeditorsjournal
  14. aspirewellbeing
  15. playwithlife
  16. envisionfuture
  17. ultimatemindsettoday
  18. carolec55

That’s 18 appreciations right there… I must be killing it.

Anyway, this is what Jack writes on his blog about appreciation:

‘To develop the ability to maintain a state of love and gratitude on a more regular basis, we need to make it a habit. We do dozens of things every day on automatic pilot, such as eating our meals, taking showers, or doing the dishes. We don’t have to spend time visualizing these activities or putting them on our to-do lists. We simply do them out of habit. Expressing appreciation on a daily basis will help you turn gratitude into a daily habit with multiple benefits.

3 Kinds of Appreciation

For your appreciation to hit the mark, keep in mind that there are three different kinds of appreciation – auditory, visual and kinesthetic. Read the rest of his blog post…

Jack’s books are awesome.

If you haven’t read them, then here is my sales pitch to you… go and read them.

Own your own copy of the Success Principles.

And if you are still new in this path of personal growth and success, then try diligently his Success Principles 10-Day Transformation.

And if you aren’t transformed, I will transform you myself.

I can send you an image of my vision board or something.


So… anyone for 3 appreciations per day challenge?

Anyone for 5, 7, 10?

Anyone for the big one – 12?


Well, let me rush off.

I think I have some more appreciations to make.

Like the postman.

And hey, does it count if I appreciate my car?

Rich Thought Tip:

¬ Honestly, you don’t have to appreciate 12 people (or experience) in your day. One or two is just enough… the point is, we must appreciate, express our gratitude in some way. Because no matter what life we are currently leading, there are plenty to be grateful for. Two isn’t that bad, or is it?