if your life follows your eyes, where are you taking your life?


<<in what direction are you taking your life?>>

More than anything, our lives follow our eyes. Let me explain.



Most of us already understand that we create the life we live.

And also, most of us understand that we create the life we live because we expect things and circumstances we experience.

A man would say,

‘Hell no, Josh… I never expected losing my job. How can you say that I created that?h’

Well, the truth is, you did.

Just bear with me and you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here.

Well, I have already said that we live a life that we create by ourselves – whether by intention or attention.

I have also said that we create what we expect.

And so the equation goes on to say, we expect what we think of.

That’s why all great books in personal development focused on thoughts: Think & Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, As a Man Thinketh, The Magic of Thinking Big… (and my blog as well 😉 ).

But can you control what you think in order to control what manifests?

speakers talk about it

I have heard many motivational speakers talk about the importance of controlling our thoughts, but is it possible to truly control what we think about?

Well, my experience tells me that we can control what we manifest – not by guarding our thoughts but by guarding what goes into our minds.

That’s why I think, more than anything else, our thoughts are controlled by our eyes.

So yes, it’s possible to control our thoughts.

What we see, what we allow our eyes to look at, what we add into our experiences by choice… that is what feeds into our minds. And that is what our minds pay attention to.

And as a result, that’s what controls our lives.

my distant mentor

Darren Hardy asked one of the best professional racing drivers in history… he asked,

‘What the one thing I need to know to become one of the best professional racing drivers?’

And the champion said,

‘Don’t look at the wall.’

As you head towards your goal, as you work to bring your life purpose into your reality… (though it’s a reality the moment you assign it to you) what walls are you looking at?

The truth is, our lives are going in the direction of our eyes… so we must ask ourselves,

‘What am I looking at all day (and night) long?’

Has that device inside our homes, that TV set, caused us to take our lives to the wall?

Do we allow it to lead our lives more than we should?

By the way, a recent study of the very rich has revealed that they watch TV less than an hour a day.

How much TV do you watch?

In my opinion, if it’s more than an hour then we are heading for the rocky wall.

These days, I don’t watch news at all.

And I don’t seem to have missed anything – as yet.

In fact, I feel more aligned to my purpose and my goals and my happiness and the happiness of those around me.

The thing is, we don’t have to know about the war and the starving population to make a change.

We can’t make a change by being one of them.

Because watching their position more than anything, checks us on their side – vibrationally.

And because we live in a vibrational world… we better guard what vibrations we allow into our lives.

If you, dear reader, understands the law of attraction, you will understand that whatever controls our attention, controls our lives.

Do you know someone…

…who as soon as you meet they start talking about their illness, their struggle, the difficulties they are facing right now?

These are poverty relationships, they help you die sooner instead of living longer.

So, tell them this… keep your illness, keep your struggle, and keep all that expected difficulties. Keep them to yourself.

But also tell them this:

‘Here is the good news friend, life is much better that all that sad talk… you are alive, so stay alive until you are dead.’

In other words, encourage them to stay positive no matter what.

Because whatever controls our attention controls our lives.

Whatever we look at, we listen to, we talk about, we chat about… these control  our attention.

In what direction are you taking your life to?


¬ Make it your habit to read something positive for just 30 minutes before you start your day.

And instead of watching the 10 o’clock news before bed, read something positive again for 30 minutes… or listen to that inspiring message from that speaker you adore.

Or, even better, review your goals and your vision board (if you have one).

So stay (and sleep) positive.