here are 3 ways to feel richer today

Dear reader,

Thank you for your time (and your internet?) for reading this post.

With our attention span on the internet as little as under a minute, I really urge you to come along with me as this will only take no more than three minutes.

That’s three times the attention span. (Mine I guess. Amazing.)

On the title, I’ve asked a simple question: are you feeling richer today? Richer from inside?

If you are, here is my advice to you:

Please share that great vibe with others.

People need that vibe more than anything else.

I believe that we all deserve to feel richer in every way, and most importantly, richer from within.

But then if you aren’t feeling richer, here are three ways to – FAST and NOW:

  1. Add it into your to do list to connect with someone. Connect even with strangers. Say ‘Good morning!’, say ‘Hello!’, say ‘Thank you!’… all with that big smile you keep for special occasions.
  2. And then, learn something new. Yes, learning makes us feel somehow on top, somehow not so left out. Grab your favourite self-help book. Read that thoughtful blog post from jOsh ;). Add those better, richer and success thoughts into your day.
  3. And lastly, (but very important) give. I say GIVE! Try to give your two minutes to someone. Give a cup of coffee to that drive through driver behind you. Give your wisdom. Just give something that you treasure. Because for sure, someone else will treasure it as well.

That’s all there’s to feel richer – today.

So, if you are feeling awesome, share that awesomeness with someone.

But if you aren’t so sure about that, if there’s some kind of a crankiness in your spirit, then make sure you connect with people. Use your rich smile to do this.

Then, learn something new (it can only take about five minutes to).

And lastly give. Here is an idea, carry with you a £2 or £5 (or similar amount depending on your currency and economy)… and make sure that you use it to give someone a better, richer day, today.

If you can’t do all of them, just do the last bit – give.

Give with a big heart.

Don’t over think it.

Just do give.

Just do it.