5 lessons I have learned from network marketing professionals

About two years ago I joined a British network marketing business, Utility Warehouse. I didn’t do well. It was unfamiliar territory for me. But also, I disliked the thought that I had to turn all of my friends into my customers.

Then, there were other conflicting beliefs within me about the way network marketing operates, leave alone the bad PR that’s everywhere.

So as I progressed with my copywriting career, I decided not to continue with network marketing.

Even so, there are 4 lessons I think I have come to learn, with time, from most of the network marketers I’ve known.


1. positive

They are very positive people. Enthusiasm radiates from most of them. And that makes them very attractive people to know and interact with. They also like to talk positive of others.


2. confidence

Most of the network marketers are super confident people. Some weren’t in the first place, but after earning tuning into a growing residual income, their confident selves, sort of, stopped hiding within them.

3. hope

No matter what’s happening in their days, the successful network marketers always have hopeful tone and words for it.


4. embrace failure

From all the points above, this is what makes some of the network marketing professionals so successful. I have admired the way they set goals. Instead of 10 new clients by so and so date, they set a goal of 10 rejections a day, or a week or something like that. They treat failure as part of success equation… because it is.


5. continuous learning

These professionals read a lot of personal development, self-help materials than any other professionals in any other industry I know.

And also, while they travel they listen to instructional materials instead of radio.

As a result, they are positive, confident, not afraid to fail, and enjoys all the benefits of continuous personal growth.

So as I’m about to go back to some more network marketing, I think it’s also good to mention that these people are one of the best to work with, to grow friendship with, and even to hold/form things like master mind groups with.

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