what would you like to be remembered for?

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Have you realised that life is on a timer?

Obviously, most of us know that. And that’s why we don’t even have to think about it.

But then the rub is, because we don’t think about it, with time, we forget all about it… well, until it’s somehow too late.

This post is essentially about life purpose. And I have written a few posts about it. (Like this one on clarity, or this one on accelerating progress… and this one on how to stay motivated.)

So why talk about life purpose?

Well, because life purpose helps us…

  • stay on the right path – the path full of joy
  • achieve more in a short time
  • and make the world a better place

stay on the right path – the path full of joy

By defining and clarifying our life purpose, we basically work from inside out.

We tend to listen to what matters.

Yes, listen from our hearts rather than our egos.

We therefore take the path of doing that which adds for the common good. That which helps and support others. Because the truth is, if it helps others, if it supports others, if it make others happy… then it does the same to us.

And that’s why if we only focus on helping ourselves, on supporting our own needs and wants, focus on making ourselves happy… by not considering others, we end up achieving none of it.

That’s why James Allen did write:

It is in loving, not in being loved,

   The heart is blessed;

It is in giving, not in seeking gifts,

   We find our quest.

Whatever be thy longing or thy need,

   That do thou give;

So shall thy soul be fed, and thou indeed

   Shalt truly live.

achieve more in a short time

It’s amazing how much we can accomplish in a very short time once we have identified what we want our life purpose to be.

It’s like travelling from point A to point B.

If we don’t know where exactly we want to go, where exactly is point B, then it could take forever to get anywhere near point B.

By defining our life purpose we are able to set achievable goals.

Goals that resonate with our inner strengths.

Goals that we can achieve with passion and enthusiasm.

So instead of setting goals out of fashion, or trend, or what the media talks about this year, we set goals according to our values.

Because our values are at the centre of our purpose.

With life purpose we achieve more because time management is never an issue as we clarify and only do that which is in our priority.

and make the world a better place

Is the world getting better or worse?

Well, if you ask a Middle East TV reporter, you can tell beforehand what they will tell you.

But the truth is, the world is in a better shape than it has ever being.

We have more choices than ever in human history.

Medically, we know better.

Financially, we have more.

Culturally, we are richer than ever.

Environmentally, we are smarter than our grandfathers.

Politically, we are better than animals – in average across the world.

So my point here is this:

There is every good reason for all of us to do our best to the world. Why?

Because, as Earl Nightingale used to ponder, ‘Our rewards in life are in exact proportion to our contribution, our service.’

So if we want a better world we simply contribute more. And that will add to the reward we receive.

And because we have that clarity of making sure that whatever we do adds to the common good, then how can we hurt one another? How can we do anything that doesn’t add to others?

With life purpose, we go to bed with a smile and we rise the next day with a drive to make the difference.

so, here is the thing…

Whether we simply want to be happy, or that we want to do more in less time, or even dare to think that we can make a big difference in the world, it all starts with one simple question:

What would we want to be remembered for?

When we are 100 years of age… what would we like people to talk about about our lives?

What legacy do we want to inspire?

Can we find that one thing that we are able to do to add value and joy to others?

Can we find that one thing that we can do whether it’s day or night?

That which we believe to have talent for, passion for, drive for?

That which we can do even for FREE?

That’s what we will be remembered for.

What is it?

Remember, only those who believe they can change the world, do.

What would you like to be remembered for?