let’s be honest, the path of personal development isn’t crowded… or why only a few reap the rewards?

<< ‘He is blessed who is assured that the animal is dying out in him day by day, and the divine being established.’ ¬ Henry David Thoreau >>


I hope you are having a wonderful time in whatever you are up to… but if you aren’t, then I hope that the experience you are now having is adding, or going to add, to your ability to live a better life.

Now though, let’s talk about the path of personal development, or the path of personal growth if you like.

And before I go far, let me ask you a question: Is the path you have chosen, the path you are on right now, the path that you’ll commit to for the rest of your life?

Well let me tell you what I know.

Mine is.

I have chosen the path of continuous personal improvement.

So no matter what’s on my plate, I must get better, I must become more and for sure, I must contribute to prosperity of others even more.

I have chosen it because, erm… how could I choose any other way?

After all, it’s nature’s way for us to keep growing, to keep improving.

Oh yes, nature says, that which doesn’t grow, dies.

And that’s why I’m going to stay alive.

Or, haven’t you heard about the body in motion stays in motion?

I am going to keep on growing, to keep on pushing the boundaries, to keep on experiencing the new comfort zones…

I must do it, I don’t have any other option.


Now let’s get back to the title of this post.

Have you realised how very few people chose the path of personal growth?

Let me tell you how few… I don’t know anyone in my extended family who consciously live follow this path.

Or let’s look at it this way.

If you ask, at random, 20 people on what’s on the news today… 19 would have all the right answers.

But if you ask another group of 20 people, and again at random, what their goals are, and whether these goals are written down, then only one of them will have the answer you are looking for.


Because we conform.

You see, in one study 100 men were asked why they go to work everyday, and 95 of them had no idea.

Some said,

‘Well, everyone is going to work…

Others said,

‘I must pay the bills…

But only 5 of them were able to say something like this:

‘Because I want to achieve this and that goal, by this time and for this reason’.


the path of growth isn’t all downhill

The path of personal development is the path of intentional living.

Living knowing what exactly we want to get out of life. Because the truth is, we only get that which we want to get… but not by wanting it and getting it, well, not that simple… but by becoming it.

You see, James Allen, one of my favourite authors wrote,

‘Men don’t attract that which they want, but that which they are’.

Tony Robbins wrote on the introduction to Compound Effect by Darren Hardy that,

‘People don’t live the life as it is, but as they are’.

If we are optimistic then we live the life that way.

If we are hopeful then we carry out our actions in the same manner… and as a result reap hopeful rewards.

If we are aware that we live in a universe governed by great laws, the laws that aren’t flexible at all… then we understand that everything we do counts.

That every thought we release, every emotion we emit, every word we say to another ear… we know that we do it for either our own good or our own bad.

And the only way to do it right, is by growing right.

And by growing right we must grow every day.

We must convert personal growth into a daily ritual.

We must cultivate the habit of what I call CPI – Continuous Personal Improvement.

This is by doing things like…

  1. Learning something new every day
  2. Defining and clarifying our life purpose
  3. Setting smart goals
  4. Taking progressive actions, consistently.
  5. Supporting others achieve their goals.

The path of personal development is not crowded because it takes an effort to live it.

Because it takes courage.

Because it requires some mental stamina, and discipline.

Nothing happens overnight.

Definitely not personal growth… because after all, the more you grow the more you realise how little you know.

grow the super-achievers way

My distant mentor Darren Hardy likes to talk about the super-achievers this way:

‘They continuously learn something new every day’.

Most of the super-achievers have chosen the path of continuous improvement.

And how many super-achiever are there in the world?

Well, less than 5 percent.

That’s helps us answer our question as to why the path of personal growth isn’t crowded.

So next time when you pick that self-help book and none of your best friends think you are cool, don’t you worry because according to some studies, over 88% of the rich people read self-help books versus 0% of the financially struggling people.

Next time your colleagues think of you weird because you walked away from some gossip, don’t you worry…

…‘blessed are the compliment-ors, for they steer away from failure caused by gossip.’

And of course, next time you feel a bit lonely because no one in your family understands your path of continuous growth, don’t you worry… Napoleon Hill’s family thought he was crazy when he was writing the Law of Success.

So keep growing.

And keep the momentum going.