guess what the opposite of courage is…

good to know

First of all, thanks to my new blog followers. Welcome aboard. Also, thanks to those who in one way or another interact with this blog. I really do appreciate.

Through this blog, my aim is to share the best thoughts in  what I call Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI).

On this post, I’m going to share just one thing: the opposite of courage. Do you know what that is? I’m sure you do… but I’m sure it’s not what most think it is.

So allow me to break it down…

Are you ready?

let’s go!

‘Success takes courage’ Brian Tracy once said.

But why?

Well, because when you look at the other side of courage, there is a lot to overcome.

You and I know that it takes courage to do any of these…

To encourage others to grow, to excel, to become more.

To inspire others.

To walk the walk of values, of impact to the world around you.

To take initiative when all is dull and gloomy.

To challenge a friend to write down down their goals and to help them walk a disciplined walk into achieving the goals.

It takes courage to be an early riser when everyone else around you isn’t.

Yes, it does take courage to be your own cheerleader of your dreams.

To dream big.

To stand for good leadership.

To save or to invest.

It takes courage to get your ground and to stand your ground.

It takes courage to stand tall in life.

It takes courage to choose and embrace the path of continuous personal improvement.

It takes courage to set time, even if it’s just 30 minutes, to learn something new everyday.

It takes courage to ask an important question when it matters.

Yes, it take courage to say thank you from within.

To appreciate the little things in life than to complain.

Of course, you and I know that, it takes courage to teach our children family values that rubs with the social media, the celebrity reality.

It takes courage to keep that bad word to yourself instead of saying it as it is.

It takes courage, my brother, to stand for what is right.

It takes courage, my sister, to help others.

But why does it take courage?

Well, because the opposite of courage  is comfortable.

Because the opposite of courage ticks the boxes of the ‘majority’.

Because the opposite of courage isn’t fear.

But because the opposite of courage is CONFORMITY.

It doesn’t take courage to blame… most people do it, so…

It doesn’t take courage to live the life of no definite goal, of no higher motive, all one has to do is walk like most people do.

If we don’t have the courage to live the life we want, we then  end up living other people’s lives.

If we don’t have the courage to manage our own time, we easily find ourselves wasting it doing what belongs to others.

Steve Jobs once said, ‘Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.’

Conformity is the science of going nowhere.


  • Stay courageous from within.
  • Learn something new everyday, something that helps you grow.
  • Often, ask yourself, is this the life I want… or am I living other people’s lives?
  • Remember, even the words we use can as well speak more of our courage or conformity. So guard that too.