do you still want to be a bit more productive? here are 3 ways to…

On the wall just in front of my desk there is a poster I made that says ‘I’m Super Productive’.

Of course, being a writer I have a number of them… some are simply as tracking forms on my progress to a particular project or something.

Some are just there to remind me of something important – like my huge vision board, it reminds me of the person I’m becoming.

All of them act like priming objects or devices to keep me on the right track.

But there is something about the ‘I’m Super Productive’ poster. Something that I can’t quite put my finger on it. But something that keeps reminding me on how important it is to stay productive.

You may know, if you think about it, why authors like Brian Tracy can publish three books in a single year… while some, just one book takes forever to even complete the outline.

Of course, the difference between the two is because one is productive and the other isn’t.

There are dozen or more ways to stay productive, but in this post I share only three that for me, are more important.

So let’s go through them, one by one.


1. It helps to have a goal

A goal is like the next port to a ship leaving the harbour. Unless the captain knows exactly where they are heading to, there’s no way that his/her ship could make it.

Having a goal helps us stay focused. It helps us keep our shoulders high because we know we are heading to some place.

Having a goal helps us save time… so we can do more in less time because we know for sure what we are trying to achieve.

Honestly, it hurts when I see people at an old age, people who have achieved very little but people with ability, with a skill and even a scarce talent. Usually, what I conclude in my mind is this: they didn’t have a goal.

They just didn’t know what the next harbour was.

That’s why they have sailed all the sea and have reached no useful or safe harbour.


2. It helps to have a to-do list

Just because, as captains of our ship, we know what the next harbour is, doesn’t guarantee us getting there.

There are storms to deal with. There are dials to read and checks to check if they tell us that our ship is in good shape.

That’s why we have to stay alert, to stay on the look out for what may astray us…

A smart to-do list helps us do this.

It’s like a binoculars or a radar that tells a captain that he’s all right, that he is safe, right on track… and that there is nothing blocking his way.

But it’s as well important to note that when it comes to a to-do list, the fewer the items on it the better.

We do that by looking at what we are trying to achieve – our goal.

If what we are about to do doesn’t take us closer to our goal, then why bother?


3. Strength is in Stick-to-it-tiveness

Now here is the thing.

Our journey in life is much more complicated than the ship’s trip to port B. Why?

Because once the ship is off, usually, there is no turning back. I say usually. You can’t find a ship just floating somewhere because the captain decided to procrastinate.

But in our journeys, we sometimes change our minds. At times, even after a long sail, we decide to head for a different port, or, forget about sailing altogether.

To be productive, we must stick to it. We must stay on it. We must keep paddling forward. We must kick it. Consistent is a better word.

And the more we stick to it, the more we accomplish things on the to-do list… and the more we accumulate enough success to call for even bigger adventures.

Stick-to-it-tiveness gives us an edge. It’s called momentum. That is, the more we are on it, the more we accomplish, and the more we can actually lots more in a short time.

So there we are.

Set a smart goal.

List your to-do list.

And stick to it until it’s done.

Simple as it sounds, it has helped many busy people do more and achieve more than any software or system.

So yes, let’s stay productive.