the power within

Friend, I hope you are doing great.

I hope that whatever is on your to-do list today is for one reason only: to help you grow and contribute more.

I’ve just finished my morning 30 minutes reading/learning and decided to share with you a thought or two.

But before I do that, let me ask you a simple question:

How much is your life governed by the power within you?

In other words, are you in control of your life?

On the post titled ‘sowing and reaping. a thought and a destiny’.  I shared:

Sow a thought, reap an action.

Sow an action, reap a habit.

Sow a habit, reap a character.

Sow a character, reap a destiny.

And fundamentally, what that says is, it all starts from within.

To live that destiny, all we have to do is plant a seed, a thought.

To design the life we want, all we have to do is grow our thoughts in a manner we would a seed.

And so with no doubt, it is an inside out job.

But to live an inside out job isn’t easy.


Look, a friend sends us a link to watch that video –  the video that adds nothing to our life.

A sister wants us to join her on that Facebook conversation – the conversation that contributes nothing to our life of accumulating small successes everyday.

Parents want us to behave in that manner – because they think it is sound, but their asking isn’t founded on any sound principle.

Friends and neighbours without saying it, dictate how we make our decisions – well, if we allow them to.

None of that is a representation of the power within us.

Because within us, we have the power to live our lives not based on what’s happening, not based on what everyone else is doing, not based on what others believe to be right.

We have the power that can help us live proactively rather than reactively.

We have the power within us that can help us live not for an immediate satisfaction but rather a delayed one.

We have that power.

It’s the power that helps us live our values rather than other people’s values.

It’s the power that helps us live in alignment with the universal laws rather than just hopping here and there hoping that something nice, or rather, something not so bad won’t fall our way.

It’s the power deep rooted in our life purpose – not the purpose they give us, but the purpose we create, the purpose we define and clarify for ourselves.

It’s the power that builds our confidence.

The power that shapes our self-image.

The power that acts like a radar to a ship heading to an important port.

It’s the power from within.

This is the power that if we tune into it, we remain ourselves, we remain unique and irreplaceable.

With this power we can actually think different.

It’s the power that if we fuel our life with it, then no one can ever repeat our life because we live a specific mission, the mission that is possible only to us.

It’s sad when I see a lot of people complain about this and that.

They blame this person, they curse that one, they demand reverence from this young one – or else they are in trouble or something…

It’s total madness.

That’s them, but you and I dear reader know better.

We know that our values do not say we should complain.

You and I know that a person isn’t a failure unless he/she blames someone else.

We know, don’t we, that we can’t demand anything from anyone. This is our life, and we are the creators of it all. So if we must demand, you know where we must… from ourselves, of course.

guide your power

Your power, which in essence defines and structures your life – depending on how you put it to use, can be kept alive and more power can be added to it by cultivating and owning the following:

  1. Study and learn something positive and inspiring everyday
  2. Define and clarify your life purpose, your why if you like
  3. Don’t just drift in life, set smart goals and go for one at a time
  4. Contribute to prosperity if you want to prosper
  5. It helps to understand the higher laws that govern everything so that you know how to work in harmony with them


…the power isn’t in your hands.

But the power is within you.

So grow from within, if you must.

And if you are alive, if you are to become more, if you must contribute, if you must inspire others, then by rule YOU MUST GROW FROM WITHIN.