ever heard of WiiFM?

When I was training in copywriting I was told that to write the best copy I must broadcast my message through the station called WiiFM.

As an important presenter at WiiFM , I must make sure that my script speaks the listener’s language.

Every form of advertising, I was told, must broadcast through this station.

Why? I asked.

Well, my tutor said, it’s only through WiiFM that your listeners, your readers can buy what you sell.

WiiFM stands for  what’s in it for me?’.

And the thing is, WiiFM doesn’t ask what does your product do? Or, how does it look like?

It says, ‘this is what you are going to get from this product.’

In other words, WiiFM insists on the benefits and not the features.

(There was this blog post by thewriter.com that somehow condemned copywriters for overselling benefits and forgetting all about the features. But the post was a flawed PR. It was because the truth is, we all want to know what’s in it for us. And that is the benefits business, not features.)

So why am I sharing a thought about copywriting on a personal development blog?

Well, here is why.

Wouldn’t it be nice to do all we do in life thinking like a WiiFM presenter?

  • How is this, what I’m doing right now, going to benefit others?
  • Is this project going to add value to other people?
  • Am I living my life based on the features – the outward sprinkles, and forget about the benefits – the inside growth that can help me shape a better character, character capable of bigger things in life?
  • In order to be successful, I must trade with others what I have… but do I trade value, quality or trying to fool somebody (only to end up fooling myself)?

You see, Steve Jobs did say, it’s those who are courageous enough to think they can change the world who actually do.

But why do they do it?

Well, they think like a WiiFM presenter.

They think, what is in this for others?

They aren’t selfish.

And so, they know that life is interdependent.

They know that the rain in itself is just water.

But rain to crops means food to people and all living creatures.

We are interdependent.

And that’s how we create the prosperity we want.

By making sure that others benefit from what we do.

Because we know that when they do benefit from our work, we are next.

So let me ask you, in what you’re doing today, what’s in it for others?