facing it like a skilled sailor

When you are raised in a church going household you know that you are a rebel once you tell em that you ain’t going to church no more.

But then, they want reasons.

They want to know why you can’t stand them no more.

But because your reason is out of their comfort zones, then you decide not to tell them.

You decide not to explain or complain.

So you let them talk about it.

You let them call you a sinner.

A Judas Iscariot.

Going to hell – or so they belief.

But they don’t see that life isn’t about following what they tell you is obvious.

They don’t want to know that life isn’t about going through the ‘everydays’ without asking hard questions.

I asked questions.

I was told that church is the answer.

But I knew it was simply a ship at the harbour.

Why should I trust it to help me learn the lessons found at the high seas?

That ain’t sailing.

That’s hoping to sail.

That’s waiting to head to the seas, but when?

We know that the smooth sea doesn’t make a skilled sailor, so why should I project all the rewards into the future while I can live it all today, now?

I’m on to the next one.

Church and its charms ain’t no good to me no more.

It’s 4 years now.

And I’m not looking back.

Though they still want me to join them, I refuse and want to join the sinners, the adventurers, those who aren’t afraid to be called bad names, those who dare to think they can change the world.

Because the truth is, they are the ones who do.

What harbour are you on right now?

What is preventing you from heading up to the high seas where there are lots of freedom and lots of storms, as well?

Does it matter if you won’t make it to the next port?

But who will come out of life alive, anyway?

So you may as well go for it.

Is it religion?

Is it a job?

Is it a relationship?

Is it a belief?

Is it a habit?

Whatever it is, remember these words from Louisa May Alcott,

‘I’m not afraid of storms, for I’m learning how to sail my ship.’

I ran away from church only to realize that there are a whole lot more to run away from.

So I’m still running.

But the more I run, the more I find freedom.

The more I run, the more I discover the best waiting just for me.

The more I run away from poverty relationships, the more I discover and invite into my life rich relationships.

The more I run away from limiting beliefs, the more I find uplifting beliefs.

The more I take the rough road, the more it gets rough but the more I advance – faster.

Well, face it like a sailor.

Take courage.