in 2015, stay progressive. stay on an upward journey. stay focused. stay true.

2014 is gone.

And to be honest, I’m so thankful for what it has taught and brought to me.

All sorts of lucky moves came my way.

I made money.

And for not knowing, I lost some.

The opportunities that came my way tripled.

I increased my purchasing power tremendously.

Inside, I grew faster and deeper than ever.

The universal laws were made simpler.

I increased my understanding of life around these laws.

So I understood why at times it was a bumpy ride.

I also got it why at times it went all like a dream.

But just around the corner is 2015.

Just around the corner is another chapter in my life.

Just around the corner is…

Well, what is in 2015?

Well, here is what I now know about living a progressive life in 2015:

  1. I must live it before I live it to live it. In other words, I must visualize my way through 2015 – way before anything happen. That’s, if I can’t see it in my mind, then there is no way it cannot happen.
  2. I must align whatever I want to do with the greater laws of the universe. For example, the law of harvest. To put that in perspective I’d say this, I cannot reap in 2015 if I didn’t plant the right seeds in 2014. There is no autumn without summer.
  3. A progressive life is a daily thing. Why? Because if I’m not growing on a daily basis, then I’m not living, then I’m on an up and down spiral – which is not so beneficial.

So what are the specific things I’m going to do in 2015?

Well, a good number of them.

  1. I’ll write a lot more than I have in 2014.
  2. I’ll publish more than 12 life changing books – and I’m already working on some of them right now.
  3. I will make a fortune in helping people enrich their lives, clarify their goals and purposes. Not because a fortune is the main goal, but because a fortune is the obvious result if one follows the specific laws – the impartial and inflexible laws. And now that I know how to tap into them, I can’t see why I shouldn’t expect creating wealth as a result.
  4. Before the end of 2015 I will be on top of the world, not by taking anything from someone else, or by any favour, but by adding more value to others and staying focused to my goals.

I’ve decided to make this post all about me because I think this is the best way to set an example as we welcome 2015. But is this the best plan ever?

Not at all.

In fact, it’s broad… so broad that some won’t see a point. But because there is a specific strategy to it, because there is a way to make one step at a time, and each step leading to accomplishing a goal, then there’s no doubt about it all. I must achieve what I’m set to achieve.

I hope your plan, your resolution for 2015 is sound.

And here is the thing, it must be sound to you more than it’s to anybody.

It must ring true to you more it does to others.

Then you can be sure that you will bring it to life.

Well, all the best for 2015.

2 thoughts on “in 2015, stay progressive. stay on an upward journey. stay focused. stay true.

  1. Editor,

    I hope you have a cooler name.

    Anyway, I appreciate for your comment. You know what? I just went over to see what other people say about your post… you know, the new year thing… and here is what I think.

    Your audience is absolutely amazing.

    And also, you are already there – audience-wise.

    I know you have in the past shared your secret, but is there any other? I mean, how do I grow mine to match what you have right now?


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