failed as a Santa + roasted the best bird + success like roasting a golden festive turkey

I’ve never roasted a whole turkey before.

So this year (2014) I dared to face my kitchen fears and the results were pretty impressive.

But before I tell you how I succeeded like a pro in the kitchen, let me tell you how I failed as a Santa.

2014 Christmas is gone. After all the panics and the rush, it’s now a history. And I’m glad to report that, in my household (what a word!), behold, it was good.

Yes, even though I’m not so much of a Christmas-guy, this one had to be something special.

It had to be because my first-born (twin girls) turned five, four weeks before the big day.

So to them Santa is the real deal.

And this year, they decided to wait for Santa. They wanted to see him deliver the presents. So instead of going to bed at around 8pm, they were still awake at 10 pm.

Could they make it?

Well, they dared to but before 11 pm there were all snoring.

Shame that there is no such thing as Santa.

I mean… I am a family Santa, right?.

And since I didn’t buy all that Santa was asked to, I think, to be fair, I failed.

On the Christmas morning, when the first twin noticed that one of the presents wasn’t there, she decided to tell me something with such emotions that I almost said to her, ‘Mayah, there’s no such thing as Santa, sorry that we have lied to you…’, but I just couldn’t.

Here is what she said to me, ‘Maybe Santa took the other present to another girl because… erm, maybe she asked for it before we did, or maybe she behaved better than we did.’

That moved me…

And I had to lie – even more.

I had to come up with a line that protected Santa.

The line that sounded good.

The line that took the disappointment away straight away.

So I said, ‘I guess Santa simply forgot or misplaced your present, I’m sure he will come back within a week or so… but if he won’t, your mum and I will make sure we get you what you wanted.’

Had I not waited till the last minute to buy what they wanted, this wouldn’t have happened.

But anyway, Santa will be back within a week – only for special children.

Mind you, the list was so long that we had to cut it down a bit.

Why was the list so long?

Because Santa has it all.

Because Santa is richer than…

Because Santa has all the magic to make things happen, to bring any child’s dream to a happy reality…

However, on the other side, I did well.

In fact, it was 9 out of ten.

Turkey was one of the highlights – for the first time ever.

How did I do it?

Was it some chicken-luck?

I mean, did I just roast it like I would roast a chicken?

Well, I didn’t.

I didn’t because turkey is turkey. That’s, it’s huge and intimidating. It looked as if it would slap me or trap my hand as I inspected what was inside its belly.

I looked too big to cook properly in 2 and a half hours.

But I roasted the damn bird and made the best turkey ever.

The first turkey I ever done all by myself – from shopping, roasting to serving.

How did I do it?

Well, I knew what I wanted… a well cooked, and golden crispy turkey.

I wanted it to smell good, to taste good and to really create that amazing festive memory.

Knowing what I wanted, I went searching for answers.

It didn’t take me half an hour before I came across this amazing video that helped me tremendously.

Chef John, the chef behind this video made it simple for the first time turkey roasters.

I remember him saying, there is no need to complicate, you can do all that extra bits when you’ve done the simple version first.

So I simplified it.

And it went well.

My wife loved it.

My kids loved it.

And I ate it more than them all.

Life of success is just like roasting festive turkey for the first time.

So here is the personal development lesson.

A lesson worth sharing.

We all have wants.

If we are serious about what we want, we will find a way to get it.

If we are serious about what we want to achieve, we will go and find a way to achieve it.

But first, we must know what we want.

We must know it in details.



Because once we are clear about what we want, it’s easy to find a way to make it happen.

Once we know where we are going, it’s easy to find the right path leading to our destination.

If we want something, we set a goal around it.

And we know that people without goals aren’t good turkey roasters.

People without goals, they can’t set time to find anything – they aren’t looking for anything, they are drifters, they are blown by any wind that blows their way.

Life of success starts with us knowing what we want.

The clearer we are at this point, the better chance we have of getting the right answer, finding the right solution, achieving our goal in time.

And the same is to being a Santa.

If we wait till the last minute, we won’t get what we want.

The law of harvest doesn’t allow that.

If we don’t plant in spring, we can’t reap anything in autumn/fall.

Planting has its time.

And so is the reaping.

We must follow the universal laws to reach our destinations on time.

And we must look for what we want because we know that whoever searches finds.

All the best in 2015.

I hope you keep roasting your life’s goals to perfection.

But if not, don’t worry, start with the basics… and grow from there.