you are still standing, so yeah, yeah, yeah! happy 2015!

happy 2015

Hey, I know, I know…

It’s not always a straight line kind of life, true?

For some reason, you might have had a tough 2014.

For reason not easy to explain, in 2014, you somehow did hit the wall, you got thrown off to the deep waters, you ran out of energy, and life turned sour for you.

Maybe, you lost a job.

Maybe, you lost a friend.

Maybe, the divorce took your self-esteem to the ditch and your holy pride… well, you don’t have one any more.

Maybe a friend, a family, said it so bitter, poked so hard, poisoned your trust in them.

Maybe most part of the year was like walking in the darkness, and even now, you aren’t so sure when the day will break.

Maybe you tried your best and failed your best, too.

Maybe you kept going but somehow you kept falling.

Yes, maybe they told you are going have it, but they gave it to someone else.

Maybe he said he was all yours but the truth came later that he said the same to the other three.

Maybe… maybe, it all smiled, it all kissed you with good luck kisses, with all the best wishes, but then somehow, from nowhere, the unexpected showed up.



Maybe, it’s now all in the past.

Actually, let’s put it all in the past, shall we?

Let’s lock it all back in 2014.

And because this is 2015, you are on to better, bigger things than ever before.

Hey, even after all that, YOU ARE STILL STANDING.

Look at you, you are still smiling.

Your life is still with you, so keep going, brother.

Your swagger is still with you, so keep killing them, sister.

Wait a minute, didn’t they say there was no way out for you when you were in that situation?

Tell them,

‘I’m still standing… yeah, yeah, yeah…’

Go on!

This is 2015.

Go make the most of it.

Live it like you are a newborn babe, only that you are blessed with a few more years, years of understanding.

Go be more.

More than you have ever been.

Go stand for something good, something that uplift a soul or two.

Yes, why not?

You are still standing, right?

That means there is still lots more for you to do.

I’m off to make 2015 the best year yet.

Because guess what?

I’m still standing, so yeah, yeah, yeah!

Yes, let’s go make the most of 2015: to be more, to do more, to give more and to believe more.

Happy 2015!