the person you see in the mirror has the answers you are looking for

Often times we try to answer the pressing questions deep inside us, the personal questions, questions that we only keep them to ourselves.

We walk on, count the days, year after another goes by… where is our success?

What happened to our dreams, our visions?

Is somebody trying to stop us from becoming all that we desire?

So we get into that self talk.

Actually, it isn’t just a self-talk but a self-interrogation… yeah, we ask ourselves hard questions – who cares, after all, it’s our lives.

Here is how the self-talk goes.

What do I need to do to be successful – sooner than later?

Do I have what it takes?

How do I know that I have what it takes?

With all these flaws, do i have a chance as well?

By the way, I’m not even a good communicator because my language sucks.

And look where I come from, have you ever seen a great person, a person of influence, from that family, from that school, from that neighbourhood, from that country…?

I think people despise guys like us, so why should I even bother to look for greater life?

What chances do I have?


but hey, wait a minute

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

I think I know why some of us get stuck with these kind of self-talk, self-questioning, the kind that in the end, cripples our self-esteem.

We get stuck because we look for the answers from the wrong sources.

Let me tell you my story.

At one time when I was growing up, I thought my uncle had all the answers I needed.

He was tall.

He was handsome (still is, I guess).

He was a religious man, too.

That meant I had to be measured according to the conformity of others within the religion.

If they spoke bad of me, then I was bad.

If they spoke worse about me, then I needed some prayers.

But then, that’s not the yardstick I chose to measure myself against.

I chose to continuously improve my inner self, to continuously grow, to know more, to acquire better thoughts, to read better books.

This path gave me an edge, it gave me something big to aim for, and so I kept going for it.

And eventually, when I walked out of the religious shackles, I then saw how I was searching for the answers from all the wrong sources.

I didn’t need my uncle for guidance.

I didn’t even need religion.

I had, and still have, my own inner guidance system.

I didn’t need the smiles from the church people to determine my path, my direction, my life.


Well, because even with their frowns I was still going to go for what’s mine.

Besides, enemies in life, I mean those who talk bad about us, are in fact very important to our own growth.

They are very important because they push us to the end of the cliff, they want us to prove that the path we have chosen is the path that aligns with the greater laws of the universe.

So we must persevere.

where to look for answers

There is one place we must look for the answers we seek.

The place where we will never be disappointed.

And that’s not from the books, or outward institutional education.

Not from parents, not from peers.

Not from political leaders.

All that can be valuable, but valuable only if we pay attention to what’s within us.

Let me explain.

We know better than we give ourselves credit for.

We are wiser than we portray to the world.

We have what it takes to stand tall and contribute to the common good.

We are better than what they think we are.

Even if they think we are just ordinary, the fact is, it’s the ordinary who change the world.

It’s the ordinary people who dare to think they can, who end up doing it.

Yes, we are smarter than we know.

We are more powerful than we can even imagine (and trust me, most of the great minds agreed to that, at least).

The reason is simple, the potentiality of our inner powers, the power behind every major accomplishment, is limitless.

And that reminds me of these wise words from Emerson,

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Forget about what you have done in the past, that’s history.

Forget about what is promised of you in the future… it’s just a promise.

Dwell, invest, dig, bet on what is within you.

Henry David Thoreau did write,

‘No man ever followed his genius till it misled him.’

He also added that,

‘Public opinion is a weak tyrant compared with our own private opinion. What a man thinks of himself, that it is which, determines, or rather, indicates his fate.’

my life, my choice

I choose to believe in myself, to follow my own genius, to educate myself from inside because in the end, it’s only through myself that I’m able to reap large, to give big, to draw more to my side while sharing with many others, to live an extraordinary life.

What about you?

Do you believe in the person you see in the mirror, or does someone else convinces you that they have the answers you are after?

Remember, it’s your life.

It’s your choice.

It’s up to you.

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      1. You are very welcome!!I happen to be a firm believer in personal development, I do a lot of soul searching and am always thinking deeply around issues of self actualization and all that. That is why your post resonated with me.


        1. Oh, great!

          M sure the growth youvhave gained, as a result, is tremendous.

          Again, thanks for visiting.

          Let me know if there are other areas you’d like to read more about… and I will do my best.

          And all the best with your 2015 goals… is blogging one of them?


          1. I try to maintain a few posts when the inspiration comes. But i love to read blogs, there is such a lovely pool of information on the web through blogs. Will stay in touch if I think of topics that might be of interest but you seem to be covering a wide range of subjects already. So I will keep reading…thanks again

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