ran away from the calculator to become a copywriter

Once upon the time, I almost became an accountant. (I should’ve told you this but…).

But then I ran away from the calculator and decided to balance other things other than balance sheets.

The shit bored me.

You spend half a day wondering why the hell the sheet thing doesn’t want to balance… only to be told that, ‘Hey jOsh, there’s an error of omission… or something like that with a poor mission.’

So I fled.

I joined the writers.

I became one of them and I love it here.

But then I’m not a normal writer, either.

I’m a copywriter.

A copywriter is a salesman who instead of using a phone call to make a dollar, he uses the power of the written words.

He writers like a dream.

He is a guy who helps companies sell lots.

He writes adverts.

He perfects promotional pages.

Like a professional guitarist who knows when a string isn’t tight enough for that tune, a copywriter knows what a lousy copy taste like to the ears of its readers.

So his job is to tighten things up.

To bring coherence.

But he can shuffle along with other tasks, as well.

He can pretend to be a poet, but usually, not a good one as he likes to write more rhymes than it’s necessary.

He can be a great part-time journalist.

He knows how to exaggerate.

He knows well the language of the PR people.

The people who spread the word – whether it’s all true or some of it.

He is the superwriter of all writers.

He can even ghostwrite stuff with easy.

He spits idea after another.

He thinks like a true innovator – always questioning, always observing, trying this and that, understanding people better, and when all else fails he blames nobody.

Grammar teachers think he is a rule breaker.

But he knows he is more than that.

He knows he is a writer with an attitude.

If you are talking about swagger then you know that he has all of itl.

Yes, all…

Just give him a blank page and he will draft you a killer copy, content or simply a line that ends up living forever.

If you are looking for such a guy to help you with your projects then get in touch immediately.

I’m that humble guy.

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