does this thing about manifesting car parking spaces really works? i think i know something…

If you already into this stuff about manifestation or the whole thing about how powerful we are as species on how our thoughts can bring to our experiences exactly what we want, then I’ve some questions and some news for you.

In the movie the Secret and similar new age materials, there is a lot of emphasis on the power of thoughts to things like parking spaces.

Initially, I was only a listener but then one day I was like, what if this shit works?

so one day…

I was in a rush and I had my three kids on my BMW estate.

I wanted to get to this shop in town, at a T-junction joining a very busy street.

I’ve been there before, and usually there are no empty parking places.

But on this busy day, I thought to myself,

‘it has to work if it ever does’.

I didn’t have enough time to park at a distance and walk.

Besides, two of my kids were already asleep and there is no way I was going to ruin that.

But then again, there was no way that I was gonna leave them in the car for more than a minute.

So I focused.

I said to myself,

‘Hey… if this parking space manifestation thing real works, then get the space next to the door of that shop, then hop off, get what you want in less than a minute and then jump right back in.’

it sounded good and so I decided to go for it.

Well, to cut the long story shop, while approaching the parking spaces there were cars on the best two parking spaces at both ends of the T-junction.

But then something happened.

On a second parking lot, a man jumped into his car, as if he was rushing to something, and then he drove off.

All I did was drive right in to it.

Yes, three feets away from the parking space I wanted.

Lucky, huh?

Not so.

Because after three days I was going back to the same shop.

i did it, again

This time I tried to get the second parking space I got last time (the one on the right of the T-junction).

And when I got there, again, there was a car parked.

Then my phone rang.

I picked it up.

While I was talking the car that was parked there drove off and again, I drove mine straight in.

now here is the thing.

In less than two minutes after I’ve parked, in both cases, a lot more drivers came round checking for the spaces.

All I was thinking was…

‘If only you knew how to manifest them like I do.’

Of course, I have manifested so much in my life.

Even the BMW I mentioned above is one of them – I guess that’s why I decided to mention it.

Last year alone by the way, I manifested so much that at one time I even got a bit scared on how fast it all responded to my thoughts.

so here are my questions to you

  • Do you believe that this manifestation thing works?


  • Or do you think it is simply a lucky coincidence?


  • Ever had any similar coincidence/manifestation in your life.

Please, share with us.

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