1 reason why we should follow our dreams, no matter what

You and I know that, in most cases, the difference between a failure and a success is that the success persists. That’s, when the failure quits, the success keep going.

But if we are to learn from others, how can we tell who persisted and who quitted?

If we are to study our own lives, how can we tell what side we are in?

Well, here are some well known wise words from Joseph Campbell.

I’m sure they can give us a clue:

‘Remember the last line?
‘I have never done a thing that I wanted to do in all my life.’
That’s a man (or woman) who never followed his bliss.’

Have a good day.

jOsh lugEmbe is the author of the upcoming e-book ‘Stand Tall. Life is Short. The Ultimate Guide to Continuous Personal Improvement (CPI) in 7 Ways’. He runs theRichThoughs.com – a personal development blog.⤴

3 thoughts on “1 reason why we should follow our dreams, no matter what

  1. Wow!

    Like I said on the comment on your blog, I didn’t see this coming my way.

    But I love it.

    It means a lot to me.

    That’s why I will make sure it does the best both to myself and those I’m going to nominate.

    So again, thank you for taking me higher than…


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