to add a positive note to your day: 1. how about reading something inspiring for 30 minutes every morning

The more you value your personal growth journey, the more you want to enjoy each and every moment of your day.

But then days aren’t the same. Some are lazy, boring, uninspiring and full of procrastination thoughts?

So what can you do to add that important positive note into your day without a miss?

Well in this post, I’m talking about the habit of reading for 30 minutes every morning.

This is one of the best habits to develop if at all we are into improving ourselves, our value.

And according to some studies, most of the super-achievers practice this habit daily.

I’ve tried it for myself and it has tremendously improved my life.

It’s like this, instead of waking up just before work or something, resolve to become an early riser.

And then set a 30-minute slot for reading an inspiring or a thoughtful piece.

Here is what I normally do.

I wake up between 04:45 am to 05:30 am, and then I read a self-help book or a thoughtful article for half an hour.

Then I write for an hour and then jump on to Insanity Fast & Furious for 21 minutes.

So by 7 am I’ve added new, better thoughts into my mind. I have written more than 1000 words already and also, I’ve done my daily vigorous workout.

You know what, no matter what your morning routine is, I’m sure you can squeeze in 30 minutes of reading.

There are lots of benefits, also.

Think about it, for only 30 minutes, we can revitalize our minds with the best thoughts.

Thoughts vital for our continuous improvement.

And the thoughts that are powerful enough to help us stay positive for the rest of the day.

This habit can as well help us progress fast in our business/careers. So with this habit alone, we can dramatically improve our skills and increase our value.

Isn’t that amazing?

Try it for yourself and you won’t regret it.

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