to feel amazingly positive today: 2. resolve to give warm and sincere appreciation for at least five times

Captain Sully of the Miracle on the Hudson once said,

‘Give people sincere appreciation, and they will give you trust.’

Of course, he said that in the context of corporate leadership.

But life is about leadership, isn’t it?

We either lead our lives or let others lead us – and who knows where they will take us to?

Now, let’s talk about appreciation, sincere appreciation.

I think genuine appreciation is magical.

When I give one, it makes me feel like I’ve won something important, like I’ve received a positive feedback on an important project.

Actually, the way it feels is unexplainable. But I guess in simple words I’d say, it feels like total bliss.

There is a little trick I do to myself to feel this good when I drive.

I give way to other road users with a deep smile.

I keep doing this most of the day… and when I get back home, I feel like I’ve made a huge difference to other road users that day.

Giving appreciation, doesn’t have to be on some huge things or accomplishments. It’s the little things that make big magical difference.

And when we take the efforts to do them sincerely, we brighten other people’s days and as a result, we brighten our days as well. This happens because the truth is, we are one, we are inter-dependent.

So with honest appreciations we not only enrich other lives, but we energize our inner selves. We supercharge that sweet vibes of liveliness inside us.

Dr. David J. Schwartz, the author of the Magic of Thinking Big shares these thoughts on appreciating others:

  • Never, never let anyone feel he is taken for granted.

  • Practice appreciation with a warm, sincere smile. A smile let others know you notice them and feel kindly towards them.

  • Practice appreciation by letting others know how you depend on them.

  • Practice appreciation with honest, personalised compliments.

  • People thrive on compliments.

  • Don’t feel that you should hand out praise only for big accomplishments.

  • Compliment people on little things: their appearance, the way they do their routine work, their ideas, their loyal efforts.

  • Praise by writing personal notes complimenting people you know on their achievements.

  • Make a special phone call or a special trip to see them.

  • Make no exceptions. A person, whether he is a garbage collector or a company vice-president, is important to you.

  • *Treating someone as second-class never gets you first class results.*

Well, thank you for reading this post.

And thank you for visiting this blog.

If you get time next time please, do visit again.

Have a good one.

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