to stay tuned to a positive day: 3. how about listening to some bouncy tunes

I remember back in the days when my religious uncle used to get in my car and say, ‘that music is for the devil’.

And in my mind I was like, ‘Yeah right, devil or De Vil, I’m simply adding to my day the feel-good vibe that you don’t have’.

You know what? There is magic in music.

Not all music because to be honest, some are simply noise.

I listen to hip-hop often – don’t ask me why – but the truth is, it adds the positive note important for me to stay happy and hopeful of good things to flow my way. And they flow everyday.

Hip-hop also add to my confidence, to my hidden animal ambition.

Think about the song like Only God Can Judge Me by 2pac.

Or Young Forever by Jay Z.

Or even Superheroes by The Script.

Songs like this reminds me that life is about being fearless while riding it with a young soul – on a continuous basis.

These songs reminds me that I should be fearless, I should celebrate my youth and damn it, I should as well do it big because I’m stronger than I know.

Isn’t that what we all want to hear?

Go find your tunes.

Go tune in.

Give your life a good vibe.

Give it a reason to nod with joy.