if you want, you can be super-positive today: 5. simply do it all faster than you usually do (speed up)

As I write this, my time is ticking away. I am on a countdown timer. I normally set 45 minutes for each blogging session – one each day.

But what’s the meaning of this countdown thing?


  1. I don’t want to waste time (so let’s call that time management).
  2. I want to stay productive (and that productivity).
  3. I want to stay focused (concentration, if you like).

If you think about it, 45 minutes isn’t much. But because I have to think, write, and edit in a rocket speed, I usually end up with a pretty good post when the bell rings that my time is up.

(If you would like to read the previous four posts on the theme ‘POSITIVE DAY’, then the best way is to start here.)

Now, let’s talk about SPEED.

For us all, speed has enabled us to make our lives way more comfortable. We can get to the other end of the planet in a matter of days instead of months.

Speed has supercharged our industries, our technology, and everything in between.

But speed goes a step further than that.

It can enable us, individually, to stay on top of our game – whatever game that is.

There is this great blog post by Steve Pavlina titled Speed Up.

I like it because it talks about how important it is for those who believe in personal growth to fasten a bit.

The reason is, the faster we do what we do, the better focus we gain and the more productive we become.

But there is something else.

You see, in the book The Magic of Thinking Big, the author, Dr. David J. Schwartz says, people who walk faster send this message to the world,

‘I’ve got someplace to go, something important to do. What’s more, I’ll succeed at what I will do 15 minutes from now.’

Now I know from experience that,

  • if you want to see time fly
  • if you want to see your focus (or let’s call it concentration, right) doubled
  • if you want to feel energised then…

Do whatever you do faster.

The good start is to aim for 25% faster than before, as Dr. Schwartz suggests.

Walk 25% bit faster – like you are more alive today than you have ever been.

Talk 25% faster.

Drive faster (well, within the legal limits).

Decide Faster.

Read faster.

Think faster.

Write, if you are a writer, faster.

In other words, we must do it all with enthusiasm and speed.

Life is a good ride.

Let’s stay positive.